dallasthruwindowHave you been to Dallas lately? I have family there, so I’ve been to Dallas a few times in my life, but a recent visit really opened my eyes to just how big my affection is for the city.

The Dallas Convention and Visitor’s Bureau recently released its new motto: Big things happen here. They say they’re still playing with it, but I like it just the way it is — it fits ‘The Big D.’

From resorts like the Omni Hotel (owned by the city because it’s connected to the convention center), which boasts more than a thousand rooms and is big on comfort, to the Galleria Mall, where the holidays are huge, complete with a massive ice skating rink that rivals that of Rockefeller Center (see the video of the skaters I saw while I was there on a recent Saturday) evening.

giraffe tongue

(video here)

knightsThe zoo is big on up close and personal interaction with the animals (I personally was blown away by the big size of a giraffe’s tongue when watching children feed them one evening), and Medieval Times, complete with knights in shining armor, is big on heroics.

Even the celebrities are larger than life here. Think of Dallas and odds are people like Emmitt Smith (who knows how to shake it up big on a dance floor, as well as a football field) and Larry Hagman (of JR Ewing fame from the Dallas TV series) come to mind. It took a one on one run-in with him for me to realize just how big his eyebrows are.
See…everything in Dallas is big. Literally everything.

larryhagman(Note to readers: I was in Dallas for the Family Travel Conference. As part of that conference, I stayed at the Omni and enjoyed one evening at the zoo and another evening at the Galleria.  As always, my opinions remain my own.)