Buena Vista, Colorado is an ideal location for couples looking to get away. Its small town feel, stunning views, and friendly people left a lasting impression on us. We were able to relax by taking a dip in the nearby hot springs and shopping downtown in the locally owned shops. Looking for adventure? We recommend white water rafting down the Arkansas River. it’s considered to be one of the best rafting locations in the U.S.

A stunning view of downtown Buena Vista Colorado, the perfect spot for our couples getaway.

A view of downtown Buena Vista from a hiking trail along the river. Photo Credit: Breeze Leonard / Bonding TravelingMom

4 Reasons Couples Should Visit Buena Vista Colorado

Short getaways together are something my husband and I immensely enjoy. We have made it a priority to escape our busy everyday life at least a couple of times each year. We always refer to this time away “like hitting the refresh button on your computer.” It gives us the chance to reset and enjoy each other’s company. This is best accomplished away from our responsibilities at home.

The best way to describe Buena Vista is to say it feels like “home.” The small town charm instantly made an impression on us. Buena Vista, or BV as some call it, is one of the most beautiful locations I’ve been to in Colorado. It’s no wonder then that Buena Vista is Spanish for “good view.”

This beautiful location is located at the foot of the Continental Divide. The Arkansas River is adjacent to town; we were excited to learn that it’s considered to be one of the best white water rafting locations in the United States. My dad, step-mom, husband, and I enjoyed this exquisite location together. Let me share four reasons why I fell in love with this uncommon little town.

Buena Vista Colorado has a ‘small town feel’, stunning views, and friendly people. It is the perfect site for a couples getaway. Read on to learn why.

The view from a bridge over the Arkansas River. Photo Credit: Breeze Leonard, Bonding Traveling Mom

1. Quiet Location During Off-Season 

Only a two and half hour drive from Denver, this quaint little town was the ideal place for us to reconnect in a quiet location. We schedule our long weekends away during off-season whenever possible.We stayed at the Surf Chateau, a boutique hotel located on the bank of the Arkansas River. They have 19th century inspired canopy beds, clawfoot tubs, and stunning views. We were within walking distances to downtown shops and restaurants.


We visited Buena Vista in mid-April when ski-season was over and white water rafting was just starting back up. Peak season for water rafting is June through mid-August.  

We quickly realized that this relaxing atmosphere was exactly what we needed to recharge. We especially enjoyed this peaceful town each morning as we would wake up early and hike the trails along the river.  Whether we were eating at the most well known restaurants in town or enjoying various activities,  we never had to contend with crowds or lines.

The boutique hotel we shared during our couples getaway in Buena Vista Colorado

The Surf Chateau boutique hotel. Photo Credit: Breeze Leonard, Bonding TravelingMom

2. Feel Like A Local Not A Tourist

One thing that stood out to us was that everyone we spoke to treated us like a local instead of a tourist. While enjoying breakfast at the local diner or shopping downtown, the locals gave us the best advice and travel tips for the area. We came across so many people who were ready to share their favorite hiking trails or sections of the river to fish. All of this information enhanced our experience, and we were grateful for their hospitality.

We got the chance to taste adult beverages that were made in the area. The restaurants support local breweries; it was a unique experience. You won’t find commercial businesses in this small town. I appreciated that each person we met had an intriguing story on how they ended up in Buena Vista. We felt like every person we met was a soon-to-be friend. I find that small towns with this pleasant quality are becoming harder to find, making Buena Vista a real treasure.

The quiet Buena Vista downtown area in off-season is perfect for a couples getaway.

The beautiful downtown area in Buena Vista with the mountains as a backdrop. Photo Credit: Breeze Leonard, Bonding TravelingMom


3. Enjoy Activities Without The Kids

Buena Vista would be a great place for the whole family to visit. I plan to share this location with my children one day. We did enjoy several activities together as a couple that we would not have been able to enjoy with small children. The four of us went on a white water rafting adventures down the Arkansa River. The water levels were much lower during April than they would normally be during peak season, but we still had a great time. The views from the river were remarkable. I won’t soon forget the image of the snowcapped mountains peaking through the clouds.  

Another one of our favorite relaxing activities was taking a dip in the hot springs. The Mount Princeton Hot Springs Resort, located near Buena Vista, was a great place to visit. The Historic Bath House, established in 1867, has pools with temperatures reaching 105 Fahrenheit. The creekside hot springs are broken down into natural individual pools, which made it the ideal ‘couples’ activity.

Hiking trails along the Arkansas River in Buena Vista Colorado during our couples getaway.

Hiking the trails near downtown Buena Vista. Photo Credit: Breeze Leonard, Bonding TravelingMom

4. Stress Free, Worry Free

My husband really enjoyed hiking the beautiful trails each day. There is an extensive system of trails within walking distance of the hotel. We couldn’t help but feel relaxed and refreshed when we looked around. Breathtaking views in each direction, mountains on one side and the rippling river on the other. Before each hike we would prepare a small backpack with enough water to fight off the altitude sickness I was experiencing, . We would spent our time on our hike soaking in these stress free, worry free, moments.

Buena Vista Colorado is the perfect location for a couples getaway. Learn four reasons why!

Enjoying a couple getaway in the beautiful Buena Vista Colorado.

I find that traveling together as a couple creates an opportunity for us to bond over the experience. With each exciting adventure, or delectable meal, we created moments that rejuvenated us. We were able to escape the chaos of everyday life. Buena Vista, with its relaxed, small town feel, was the perfect location to escape to. When we visit Buena Vista in the future, I’ll be eager to explore this town all over again.

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