Krause Springs

Photo Credit: Rebecca Darling/Texas Traveling Mom

The Austin area is filled with natural springs and they are a refreshing way to cool down in the summer. They also make for a unique and fun way to swim when visiting Austin.

Krause Springs is a gorgeous natural spring located 30 minutes outside of Austin.  With over 32 natural springs on the property that feed both the manmade and natural pools, it is welcome treat on a hot summer day.  I put off visiting Krause Springs for a few years and wish I hadn’t.  It is relaxing and fun for the whole family.

The area is covered with trees and dotted with picnic tables near the manmade pool.  It’s a refreshing pool to swim in and for those that are a little squeamish about getting in where you can’t see the bottom this may be where you park yourselves for the day. But those that are up for adventure, head down the path & stairs to the springs. 


Large rocks surround the big natural pool.  My advice is to claim a spot when you first get here. We visited in May, so we wanted a spot on the rock to warm in the sun.  There are lots of shaded areas to choose from as well. Soak in some sun, get nice and warm, cause the water is COLD.

Krause Springs Rock

Photo Credit: Rebecca Darling/Texas Traveling Mom

The grotto has a beautiful waterfall and a fun rope swing. When we visited, it had rained hard a few days before, so the water was pretty murky.  The owner told me that the more people visiting, the less clear the water is from all the silt being stirred up.  He did say on a weekday, this water can be crystal-clear blue.  There are no lifeguards here, so you swim at your own risk.  But to me, that adds to the charm of swimming in a natural water hole.

After swimming for a while, we explored the property and came across a few other waterfalls that my friends said reminded them of Hawaii – and were in Central Texas!  Fair warning – wear your shoes while exploring – we happened to see a few snakes while exploring.

When you first arrive to Krause Springs, take a moment to walk through the beautiful butterfly gardens, listen to the giant wind chimes, and soak in the serene atmosphere.  My children really enjoyed seeing all the flowers, water features, and even caught a glimpse of a snake. I know you are here for the springs, but these gardens are beautiful.

rope swing

Photo Credit: Rebecca Darling/Texas Traveling Mom

After a day of finding out what makes Austin so Weird at the Cathedral of Junk and Mural Hunting, try something absolutely unique to Texas, spend a day out at Krause Springs! And after a full day of swimming, head on over to the Salt Lick BBQ for some amazing BBQ!





Texas Travel Facts for Krause Springs: 

Location: 404 Krause Spring Rd, Spicewood, TX

Hours: Open 7 days a week; Pools open 9 am til sundown

Admission: Adult (12 and up)- $6.00, Children (11 – 4) – $4.00, Under 4 – FREE

Recommended Time: half to full day

Good to know: Cash only (no credit cards), no dog allowed, no glass containers, no smoking