Blue Bell CreameriesWhen you ask a Texan what their favorite ice cream is, most will say Blue Bell Ice Cream.

Blue Bell Ice Cream originated in Texas and the mere mention conjures up these amazing childhood memories of big melty bowls of homemade vanilla ice cream on a hot summer day.

A Texas born & bred company in Brenham, Texas, Blue Bell Creameries is 90 miles east of Austin.

The Blue Bell Creameries is open on weekdays for tours and is well-worth the drive. Makes a great day trip!


Blue Bell TourThe Brenham Creamery Company started in 1907 when a group of farmers started making butter from cream. A few years later, they started making ice cream and delivered it to local residents by horse and wagon.

In 1930, the name was changed to Blue Bell Creamery in honor of the Texas wildflower, the bluebell.

A tour consists of a quick historical movie, a fascinating tour of how the ice cream is made (they use the milk from 50,000 cows every day!!), and a free scoop of ice cream as a sample.

The tour is perfect for curious little kiddos who love to see how things are made. With big machines and a very knowledgeable tour guide, my children talked about this tour for months.

ice creamTours are timed and limited in number, so it is best to come early in the day. Also, the factory starts to shut down machines at 2:30 p.m. No cameras are permitted on the tour. They are closed on the weekends, so make sure to come Monday – Friday.