Waco, Texas has become quite the hot spot since Magnolia Market, Chip and Joanna Gaines’s store, came into town. As fans of HGTV’s popular show, Fixer Upper, flock to the market, they find other hidden gems in Waco, too. Grab the family, some girlfriends, or roll into town solo and get ready for some great shopping, food, and fun! Lots of shopping. There’s much to see in Waco, but Magnolia Market is my favorito!


Waco Texas

A line of shoppers waiting to explore Magnolia Market in Waco, TX. Photo Credit: Tania Lamb

Fans of Fixer Upper, I’m sure you’ve heard of Waco, Texas. If you’re like me, you’ve thought about moving there, so your besties Chip and Joanna can renovate your home. I mean, those house prices, though. Okay…so it probably won’t happen. Next best thing: road trip! Here are some things to add to your Waco list.

Magnolia Market

I’m a big, dorky fan of the show, so Magnolia Market at the Silos is my favorite. I dream of Shiplap, try to copy Joanna’s farmhouse style, and adore Chip and Joanna’s relationship. I even geeked out when I saw Joanna’s mom working in the store one Saturday, and yes, I had to ask for a picture.

Waco Texas

Squee! Joanna’s mom and our favorite photo opps at Magnolia! Photo Credit: Tania Lamb

Walking in to Magnolia Market, I want to buy all the things! The store is one open room with few defined aisles, and another attached building which feels like a warehouse. Every time I go, they are making improvements and adding more merchandise. I wouldn’t say it’s stroller friendly inside though. When it gets crowded, it’s crowded, almost shoulder-to-shoulder in certain places.

My tip is to get there early or stay late until it closes. One time, I got there at store opening, then left and did other shopping and eating around the Waco area, and returned about 30 minutes prior to closing. It was so nice to have space to browse right before closing time. I could just stand in front of the display and repeatedly ask myself, #Shiplap shirt or Magnolia Market shirt? When it gets really crowded, they will control traffic inside the store and only allow a certain number of people in to shop. So you could be waiting in line outside for a while.

My girls (ages 11 to 3) love a good Magnolia trip, too. They usually play on the lawn outside with my husband while mama shops. The lawn is in the center of the property and set up with games, toys, beanbag chairs, and swings. And food trucks! They love a good food truck, especially when they offer crepes. You can tell Joanna and Chip really want this to be a place where families can spend time together.

Waco Texas

The lawn area at Magnolia Market at the Silos, perfect for family time. Photo Credit: Tania Lamb

There are lots of picnic tables, and the gardens, too. Take a picture on mushroom chairs or stop by and admire the fairy gardens. Flour, Joanna’s bakery, is scheduled to open in the summer. Throw in cupcakes or pasteles, and that just seals the deal on an excellent road trip.

Waco Magnolia Market

The cutest Fairy Gardens. You can buy supplies in Seed + Supply outside. Photo Credit: Tania Lamb


If you need home items, you’ve come to the right town. Right down the street from Magnolia Market is a store called The Findery. They have a similar style as Magnolia with the addition of clothing and a children’s section.

Junque in the Trunk (cute name, right?) is another popular spot. I haven’t been inside, because I tried to visit on a Monday. No bueno. They are only open Thursday-Sunday. I was a total window peeper though and crying that I couldn’t buy anything. They had some awesome items in there. If you can picture a middle-aged woman with her face glued to the window with tears down her eyes, saying “Whyyyyyy?” that was me.

Waco Texas

Let me in, please, Junque in the Trunk! One of many cute shops in Waco. Photo Credit: Tania Lamb

If you want to find some rare treasures, then Spice Village is for you. It’s a 30,000 square foot landmark, built in 1908, with more than 90 shops under one roof. It’s amazing, and there’s something for everyone. Yes, I did buy old-school baseball stadium seats there to turn into a bench. Because HGTV inspired me, dang it!

And if Goodwill stores are your jam, then Waco’s your place. Ask me how I know. We visited three all within a few mile radius. My friend Sarah really likes Goodwill stores.


If you want something quick, because your kids are starving and you’re taking way too long at Magnolia Market (solidarity, moms), then grab some grub at one of the food trucks at Magnolia.

Waco Texas

Food Trucks! Photo Credit: Tania Lamb

We also took a gander out to Café Homestead, which is ¡riquísima! They use local, natural, organic ingredients, and you can taste the difference.  It’s part of Homestead Heritage, an agrarian- and craft-based intentional Christian community. They offer tours, activities, and shopping. You can learn how they make cheese and get samples. Who can say no to cheese?

Or if you’re in the mood for more shopping, peruse the local furniture and craft shops. There’s a general store and market, too. It’s really quite beautiful and peaceful out there.

Dr Pepper Museum

Texans love their Dr Pepper, y’all. If you want a quick stop with the kids to explore the rich heritage of Dr Pepper, then stop by the Dr Pepper Museum. Or you can also just say, “Hey kids, come learn about this, and I’ll buy you a soda.” It’s cute, and something fun to do while you’re in town. And education, folks. Parenting at its finest.

Waco is a lovely town with a lot to offer. Don’t overlook it the next time you’re in Texas. If you’re visiting in the summer, bring lots of water. It’s hot in Texas, y’all! Muy, muy caliente. Also you can close your eyes, and just imagine Joanna saying, “Are y’all ready to see your Fixer Upper?” Just me?

Hidden gems in Waco, Texas.

Hidden gems in Waco, Texas. Photo Credit: Tania Lamb