lovelessbreakfastBig country breakfasts, the kind your mama told you would stick to your ribs, are definitely a Southern tradition. Nashville boasts several great area restaurants that are must dos for the most important meal of the day. Although some are a bit of a drive from downtown, trust me…they are worth it! Here’s the lowdown on two of my family’s favorite places to chow down for a good country breakfast.

The Loveless Cafe

Located about 20 minutes west of downtown just off Highway 100 and near the beautiful Natchez Trace Parkway, the Loveless Cafe is the quintessential roadside cafe from simpler times when travelers ventured down country highways. A Nashville staple for more than 50 years, the Loveless has been expanded and renovated to include a beautiful on site barn venue for live music. From biscuits to eggs any way you want ’em to the Loveless’s famous preserves, this is a breakfast worth waiting for and if you do find yourself on the wait list you can browse the many shops on the property. If you’re traveling from out of town the Hams & Jams Country Market has great preserves and other gift ideas so you can take a little bit of good ole Southern Tennessee cooking back home. Do me a favor and pick up a Got Biscuits t-shirt or Praise the Lard and Pass the Biscuits t-shirt while you’re there, ok?

Country Boy Restaurant

Located in the heart of beautiful rural Leiper’s Fork, Tennessee, about 30 minutes from downtown is this newly renovated country cafe. I judge a restaurant by its biscuits and Country Boy has some of the best buttery melt in your biscuits around. Any restaurant that plays old school country classics AND sells the New York Times up front by the cash register is a good place on my list. Country Boy Restaurant opened its doors in 1968 and has recently undergone a major renovation. The bright red chairs, hardwood floors, beadboard walls, and red and white checked window treatments give the restaurant a quaint appeal. Sipping on coffee from one of their signature red coffee mugs I noticed the community table near the restaurant’s entrance and I felt like I was witnessing a little bit of Mayberry.

There are national chains that cater to those of us who want a sit down country breakfast, but if you really want an authentic feel for down home cooking it’s best to venture off the beaten path for these delicious breakfasts in Nashville.