Year after year, more than 200,000 visitors flock to Santa’s Wonderland in College Station Texas. They come from hundreds of miles away to see this Texas-sized light display. But, at this Santa’s Wonderland newbie discovered, this is oh so much more than just a holiday lights display. It is a destination to embrace the Christmas Spirit for all ages!

The lights at Santa's Wonderland get really creative. Christmas armadillo anyone?

The lights at Santa’s Wonderland get really creative. Christmas armadillo anyone? Photo by Nasreen Stump / Road Warrior TravelingMom




Ready to Visit Santa’s Wonderland?

Santa’s Wonderland is about more than lights. There is a reason that folks come back annually with their families. Just enough changes to make it fresh. But the old favorites such as Texas Santa, Marshall Frostbite (the 7-foot-tall snowman mascot), and the hayride are there.

Silly me, coming from the Northeast and never having been before, I assumed that it was lights and a few activities. I was wrong. Very wrong. There are bands, shopping, food, activities, movies playing, and plenty of places to sit down. We could have spent far longer there watching the movies and I would have planned more time for Christmas shopping.

So here are tips from a Santa’s Wonderland newbie to make your visit go smoothly.

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Santa’s Wonderland is the perfect holiday family destination in Texas with something for all ages.

1. Plan your arrival time accordingly.

Since we didn’t know about all the offerings, we came later because we didn’t want to hang out for too long before it got dark enough for the lights to show up in pictures. Big mistake. Also Santa “opens” the park each night which we never got to see. In retrospect, we should have gotten there at opening at 3pm because…….

2. It takes a REALLY long time to see Santa if you don’t plan right.

The line may not look too long from the outside but once you hit the inside of the building there could easily be an hour and a half wait. We should have arrived at 3pm and gone straight to the Santa line.

Santa’s Wonderland does a great job entertaining folks once they get in the building–think Disney-style activities for those waiting. But for little kids, it is still a long wait.

Going right when it opens would cut the wait time and knock it out right at the beginning. Next year we will remember this. As it should be at a place called Santa’s Wonderland, the Santa is really impressive. I heard amazing feedback about the kids’ interactions with him so the long wait is worth it!

UPDATE: On our second visit in 2016 the design of Santa’s Cottage had designed. This was a good thing because you could see how long the line was! Santa gets breaks and the line tends to die out around that time. It’s a good time to queue up. One adult can stay in line and the newly located kiddie train is right behind Santa’s cottage. The kids can ride it multiple times while waiting.

3. If you can go to Santa’s Wonderland on a weeknight, DO IT!

Weeknights are far less crowded than weekends and I highly recommend aiming for a weeknight for your trip. Tickets are $5 less on many weeknights. There is also VIP parking available for an extra cost. We had no issues parking but we went early in the season.

Many, many folks recommended to me to buy VIP parking if you go in December. There are a certain number of spots available in the close lots and depending on how many VIP spots are sold you’ll end up in the bussed lot. When you get off the exit for Santa’s Wonderland get in the left lane! DO NOT wait in the line of cars unless you have VIP parking. Just scoot on over to the armory and take the bus over to save time. And of course…..

4. Buy your tickets online!

This will save a lot of time when you arrive. If you look on Groupon in November you may be able to snag a Groupon deal that will save you a ton. Tickets may give you sticker shock if you’ve never been. With adult tickets at $29.95 and kids at $24.95 the first thought is “for lights?!?!!” The other activities round out the full experience and make it worth it and, as you saw in Tip #3, week night tickets cost $5 less.

The grandly lit entrance to Santa's Wonderland in College Station, Texas.

The grandly lit entrance to Santa’s Wonderland in College Station, Texas. Photo by Nasreen Stump / Road Warrior TravelingMom

5. Bring your wallet.

While most attractions are included, there are some that cost extra like the petting zoo, pony rides and picture packages. And, of course, there is food to be had and shopping to be done. We found the food to be fairly reasonable (unless you’re having pizza which was $6 a slice when we visited in November 2015). My husband had a large burger that we felt was fairly priced.

If you have a special diet you may want to plan ahead. I am gluten free and managed to piece together a meal that I was fairly sure was safe of Frito pie and sugar coated nuts but there were not a lot of options for me.

6. Plan to Christmas shop and do some of the other activities like movies and music.

There were some really cute shops with a lot of merchandise that I haven’t seen anywhere else in the area. Next time I’ll plan in time to shop and check some people off my Christmas list. It would have been nice to sit down and watch part of a movie and the girls loved the music! They were dancing nonstop through the whole set.

The Santa's Wonderland stage is home to some great Texas bands.

The Santa’s Wonderland stage is home to some great Texas bands. Photo by Nasreen Stump / Road Warrior TravelingMom

7. Overwhelmed by Christmas?

There’s a winery for that. Wonderland Winery is on site offering local wines to drink and to buy for home. That takes care of half of my Christmas list!

UPDATE: There is a satellite wine location now near the dining area!

Santa's Wonderland even has a winery area on premises.

Santa’s Wonderland even has a winery area on premises. Photo by Nasreen Stump / Road Warrior TravelingMom

8. Dress warmly.

While Texas is still fairly warm this time of year, it gets colder at night and we do have cold snaps. We happened to visit during a rare cold snap and were in coats and gloves. Many families bring a fleece blanket for the hayride.

9. Contain the littles.

Whether it’s a stroller or you babywear, bring a way to keep the kiddos close while waiting in line for the hayride. There were also some smart families with folding wagons that the kids sat in. The strollers can be a little tricky in the gravel of the hayride line but they’ll work everywhere else.

10. Get your picture taken in front of the giant Texas flag of lights.

It’s a tradition!

UPDATE: This area has been redone for 2016. There is a professional photographer there taking pictures at a cost. At first, I was upset because I thought it was charge only but you can wait in the short line to get up in front of the lights and have a friend take the picture. This actually works better because the queue last year was informal and some folks took a LONG time. Now it’s regulated and orderly. Plus they restrung the lights and it looks spectacular.

The Texas flag light set up is a popular family picture spot at Santa's Wonderland.

The Texas flag light set up is a popular family picture spot. Photo by Nasreen Stump / Road Warrior TravelingMom

11. Enjoy the lights!

Above all else enjoy the lights displays. They are unique and varied works of art!

Just one of the unique holiday lights displays at Santa's Wonderland in College Station, Texas.

Just one of the unique holiday lights displays at Santa’s Wonderland in College Station, Texas. Photo by Nasreen Stump / Road Warrior TravelingMom

Can’t make it this year? Watch our Facebook Live of the hayride!

BONUS TIP for Santa’s Wonderland:

This year we brought our 12-year-old. I was skeptical as to whether he would enjoy himself or not. He was a huge fan of the hayride, the bull ride (FYI a parent has to sign a release so don’t go far while they’re in line), and his favorite discovery? SO MANY POKEMON. He was in his glory wandering around catching them all. Apparently the concentration of people ups the amount you see and his only regret was that he didn’t stockpile more poke balls ahead of time.

Overall, Santa’s Wonderland was a great visit and something we’ll be repeating annually as a family. As not the most Christmas-y person around, I was on board the second I saw snow flying in Texas. Plan extra time to just hang out with your family and listen to the fabulous bands and make Santa’s Wonderland your family tradition.

Santa’s Wonderland is just one place to see great holiday lights. Here are more in Texas and the southwest, the Midwest, the Northeast and the Southeast United States.

Have you been to Santa’s Wonderland? Share your tips in the comment section below.