Wilderness in the Smokies

Photo Credit: Wilderness In the Smokies

When visiting Pigeon Forge and Sevierville you will discover quickly that the choices are almost endless with motels and hotels of all types, sizes, budgets, and themes.

My family’s newest favorite is The Wilderness at the Smokies, Smoky Mountain Waterpark Resort. If you think the name is a mouthfull, wait till you arrive and see the fun, relaxation, shopping, and dining all wrapped up into one property catering to the entire family, young kids, teens, and grown ups alike.

Access to the indoor/outdoor waterpark is included with every stay. Indoors is spectacular in and of itself. Kids love experiencing the surfing ride, where they have an indoor machine that creates ‘surfing waves’ and people actually ride on water-boards on their hands and knees as if they’re surfing. You get at least 30-40 seconds a turn on this ride until you wipe out enough times.

Wilderness at the Smokies

Photo Credit: Wilderness at the Smokies

Another hit with the entire family was the wave-pool.

Naturally, one of the highlights are the slides. We were nervous going on the big orange-and-white toilet bowl at first, but once inside the enclosed bowl, we realized that you never go upside down.

The teens loved the two-person yellow and purple slides, and agreed the green one was a favorite also. The moms enjoyed luxuriating in the indoor and outdoor rock-enclosed spas.

Convenience is key throughout the resort; we enjoyed things like food, clothing, towels, full meals, snacks, and attractions peppered throughout the property. After a long day in Pigeon Forge and Sevierville, it was a treat to come back to the resort with weary feet and to be able to soak and nosh without having to leave the property again.

When you’ve had enough water fun, check out the arcade. More than just arcade games, there’s an indoor zip/rock-hiking type of attraction that hooks you up to a zip-line’s rope (indoors) while you step and swing on obstacles in the ceiling. Ground level there’s plenty of fun as well, consisting of glow-in-the-dark golfing, indoor bowling, indoor rock-climbing, and an secret agent-like laser maze.

Wilderness at the Smokies

Photo Credit: Wilderness at the Smokies

The guest rooms are convenient with wilderness style, lodge-y décor including extra bathroom vanities, wet bar areas, bunk beds, dual TV systems and surprisingly comfortable bedding and linens. Comfort and convenience are at every turn.

The property does not allow pets; however, service animals are always welcome.