fsu Tallahassee is probably most well known as the capitol of Florida and the home of Florida State University (as well as Florida A & M University, famous for its marching band).  The Seminoles have a gorgeous campus and amazing sports facility, updated quite a bit in the two decades since I’d been to the school as a visitor during a Florida/Florida State football game (FSU won, and went on to win a couple national titles in the years since, much to the dismay of this Florida Alum). 

With a 17-year-old considering this as one of his schools (he’s a music therapy major and FSU is ranked among the best in the country for its research in this field), a walking tour of the campus was in order.   We learned all about the fountain where they throw students on their birthday, FSU’s amazing “study abroad” program and we learned that lots of students clear out early when the holidays are approaching.  We also learned that the school was founded by Thomas Jefferson’s grandson and we learned that you better wear your walking shoes if you’re taking this tour because it is a big campus. 
 (Note to the reader: My family was invited by the Convention and Visitor’s Bureau to visit Tallahassee.  Some of our expenses were covered. My opinion of what we did and saw is my own and I was not compensated for the review.)