DaliFans of Salvador Dalí  (and I count myself as a fan) will be delighted to visit this beautifully designed tribute to one of the greatest artist of the last century. The Dalí museum houses the world’s most comprehensive collection of permanent works, 2, 140 to be exact.

Walking around the collection proved to both intriguing, thought-provoking and just plain fun especially when you hear comments from an 8 year old’s perspective.

There were a few in the collection that stood out for both us and provide lots of conversation over the course of the day.


Gala Contemplating the Mediterranean Sea which at Twenty Meters Becomes the Portrait of Abraham Lincoln — Homage to Rothko (Second Version) (1976) – This one of those paintings within a painting that pops once you stand back twenty feet. I got it from a few feet back but it was my daughter that noticed the true painting from the other side of the museum. Any child, even if they don’t know who Abraham Lincoln is will think it’s cool.

The Hallucinogenic Toreador (1969-1970) Of course, naked people no matter how artistic invokes giggle from kids and my daughter was no different but she did like this very famous piece that Dalí conceived the body of Venus while in an art supply store in 1968. 

Ask about the Kids…Dillydally with Dalí  where children can discover the creative world of Dalí  in the Education Classroom with stories, puzzles and activitie. There is also a storytelling hour every Tuesday through Thursday at 11:15 featuring selected books from the Dalí Museum library and store.

After you visit the museum, definitely wander outside to get the full view of the museums’ exterior which itself is a work of art. The outside structure is nicknamed “the Glass Enigma” featuring more than 900 triangular-shaped glass panel.

Well worth visiting and get there early as  you want to be able to enjoy looking and thinking about each painting.

Dalí Museum

One Dali Blvd. St. Petersburg
Phone: 727/823-3767 or 800/442-3254