Vegetarian lunch at Baba Yega
Credit: Judy Antell / Vegetarian TMOM

No doubt, writers embellish stories. But my vegetarian horror stories In Houston, Texas needed no elaboration. Twice (!) – though, granted, 20 years apart – I ordered vegetarian beans in Houston and was served beans with suspicious lumps. Those lumps, I was told each time, were pork.

“But you said they were vegetarian,” I said.

The reply, “But we didn’t add additional meat.”

Well, times have changed.

Baba Yega , for one, in the Montrose arts district, has both meat and vegetarian choices, but the veggie choices are as thoughtfully prepared as the animal flesh, and don’t have bacon lurking inside. We had the wild one, a sandwich with mushrooms, provolone cheese and tomato, the veggie Rueben and a veggie club with fake turkey AND bacon. All delish. My meat eating brother-in-law chose the salad bar, which had a huge selection of salads and perfectly ripe fruit.

The restaurant has a full bar (why do people think vegetarians abstain?) and if you drink iced tea, you get unlimited refills. The free iced tea may be a God given right in Texas; it is particularly welcome when you vacation in summer and it is over 100 and humid daily,


Hobbit Cafe’s veggie club
Credit: Judy Antell / Vegetarian TMOM

The Hobbit Café is another vegetarian-friendly restaurant. Meat eaters can have grass fed beef or buffalo burgers; there are also 2 different veggie burgers.

There are tons of vegetarian sandwiches, including egg salad with guacamole, which almost made me stop hating on egg salad. Sandwiches come with shredded carrots, beans or brown rice and are either large (‘skinny’) or enormous (‘regular’). Be sensible and share.

You can get decent Mexican food at Hobbit Cafe, with many veggie options, and they have excellent beers on tap.

The Mexican restaurant Hugo’s has a separate vegetarian menu, as well as a binder of different tequilas. You can’t go wrong here. We had an avocado and mango salad with toasted pumpkin seeds, enchiladas with corn and quinoa, tacos with mushrooms and purslane, and chile rellenos filled with vegetables.

We also tried a couple of different tequilas and Mexican cocktails, including a smoky drink with Mezcal and lime and a cooling tequila watermelon concoction. My teen stuck to iced tea.

Both Hugo’s and Baba Yega provide sustenance before or after visiting nearby museums: the museum district includes The Children’s Museum of Houston, The Houston Museum of Natural Science, The Health Museum and The Menil Collection.

On our recent trip to Texas, we also found good vegetarian food in Dallas and Austin.

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