capitol-buildingTallahassee, Florida, brags “it’s the place where it all comes together beautifully”, and if you’re looking for a place for family fun that will offer up something different from the typical amusement park experience, this is it.  After all, this is the city where the past meets the present, where state laws are made today in a building that offers, if you’re looking out the right window and stop long enough to let your mind take it in, a view of the site where the first Christmas mass was held in North America. In Tallahassee, you can hit multiple museums without ever moving your car, or drive less than 10 miles and find some that feel they’re hundreds of miles from the city center.  My family was invited for a two-night stay to see what the city had to offer.  Our itinerary was packed and we weren’t sure we’d have the energy for it.  Three days after our arrival, we left surprised at how much fun we had.

What we saw and toured
 Florida State University campus
 Mission San Luis
 Florida History Museum
 Florida Historic Capitol Museum
 Tallahasee Museum
 Mary Brogan Museum

Where we stayed

What we ate 

(Note to the reader: My family was invited by the Convention and Visitor’s Bureau to visit Tallahassee.  Some of our expenses were covered. My opinion of what we did and saw is my own and I was not paid for the review.)