boars head inn charlottesville virginiaSummer vacations for some families mean active adventures, while for others the summer is a perfect time to start exploring college campuses.  Imagine being able to do both in one place.  A place where you can find yourself in a beautifully appointed room, set amidst 500 acres of welcoming southern Charlottesville Virginia hospitality.  Whether you are there for a college tour of the University of Virginia, an off the beaten path family trip in Charlottesville or a family friendly summer (or spring or fall) adventure, staying at the Boar’s Head Inn will take you back in time to with an abandoned gristmill that is the heart of the inn that dates back to 1834.

DestinationReviewAfter a day of college tours or historical adventures you will want to relax on your patio balcony at the Boar’s Head Inn, overlooking the small lake on the property, or stay an extra few days to play tennis, squash or golf with your family to fully savor the moment.  Or, if you like exploring with a bird’s eye view, you can experience Charlottesville from a deluxe hot air balloon captained by balloon pilot Rick Behr.

The Boar’s Head Inn is owned and operated by the University of Virginia Foundation, making it a popular destination for alumni returning to campus for events as well as parents of attending students.  (Tip: because of the university connection, rooms can fill up very fast especially during fall football weekends).

Although there is a strong University of Virginia feeling on the property, you do not have to be an alumni or student to enjoy the Boar’s Head Inn, especially the decadent and delicious tastes of the Old Mill Room restaurant.  Tip: start the evening with a beverage overlooking the lake at Bistro 1834, and then head to the Old Mill Room for dinner. From the Tuna Tartare Timbale to the Lobster Bisque to the Grilled Filet of Beef, you cannot go wrong with the menu.
staying active at boars head inn
As a guest, you have access to an extensive fitness facility, championship golf at Birdwood, indoor and outdoor tennis and a newly opened state of the art McArthur squash center to stay active (which after dinner in the Old Mill Room, you will be thankful for).

One of the extra special details that I love about the Boar’s Head Inn is the focus on taking care of everyone in the family. Not only are there summer sports camps for children that guests can register for during your trip, there is also child care for the times that parents might want to play a round of golf or make time for the spa on their own. 

I am hoping that between my UVA alumni husband who has not been back to campus in years, and my daughter who one day will undoubtedly want to explore Charlottesville as a possible college town, there will be return trips in my future to the Boar’s Head Inn.  Maybe then I can reclaim my high school tennis days or finally try my hand at golf. How can you not want to at least try with such stunning surroundings?

Elena Sonnino is a freelance writer, digital content strategist, and chaser of dreams. She writes about making every moment matter at LiveDoGrow. You can find her on twitter and facebook.

Disclosure: I was a guest of Visit Charlottesville and The Boar’s Head Inn during my trip. All opinions are my own.