Are you an early adopter or tech enthusiast? Well, the future is knocking! Now you can use your smartphone to check in, get your room number and unlock your hotel room door with just the tap of your phone at select Starwood hotels offering the new keyless door option. The uber-stylish and tech-fantastic Aloft (pronounced uh-lawft, by the way) hotels are among the first in the SPG hotel chain to make the switch to keyless locks.

Make an Entrance with SPG Keyless

Riverside view from our Aloft Tampa room. Credit: Tara Settembre / VIP TravelingMom

Riverside view from our Aloft Tampa room. Credit: Tara Settembre / VIP TravelingMom

During my recent stays at Aloft Harlem and Aloft Tampa hotels, I was excited to geek out and try SPG Keyless.

First, you need to register via the free SPG Mobile App, which is a must download for any SPG traveler since it keeps track of your upcoming stays and rewards points. Via the app you can then opt-in to the new keyless service found on the main menu. Then, if an upcoming stay is eligible for SPG Keyless, you’ll get a push notification or will see a callout in the app to sign-up to go keyless for your next visit. Usually, this will appear a day or two before your arrival. Once your room is ready, you’ll get another notification to view your room number and unlock your door. I didn’t actually receive a notification as I expected though, however, as my taxi neared the hotel I opened the app and saw the updated status there.

Unfortunately, since I use my phone as a camera and because I was traveling alone, I couldn’t film or take a photo of the unlocking process. I did take some screen captures of what I was seeing on my screen, though.

Screen capture of SPG Keyless on my iPhone. Credit: Tara Settembre / VIP TravelingMom

Screen capture of SPG hotels’ keyless app on an iPhone. Credit: Tara Settembre / VIP TravelingMom

Right now, most W, Element and Aloft hotels are offering SPG Keyless at this point, but supposedly more and more will be upgrading to this service. See participating locations here.

SPG Keyless works with both iOS and Android phones. I’m told it also works with Apple Watch too.

Pros for SPG Keyless

Very VIP and convenient. I didn’t even have to wait at the front desk when I arrived – I just opened the app, discovered my room number and went on up to my room. I then placed the back of my phone to the door and waited until the lock lit up and sort of vibrated and then unlocked my door. It was seamless. Just remember to have your Bluetooth setting enabled or it won’t work.  I also liked that I didn’t have to search for my card when I arrived back at the hotel as that I always seem to misplace; my phone, on the other hand, I’m never without.


Don’t let your battery die! I was down to 10% battery power at the end of my busy day in New York City, so I was a bit worried as I rode up the elevator that I wouldn’t be able to open my door. Alas, I was fine and worst case I could still have received a physical key at the front desk if needed.


Aloft hotels have other fun technology throughout their hotels. In the Aloft Harlem they had a docking station that lets you use HDMI cables to stream content to their flat screen TVs. Hotel rooms will also carry copies of Wired magazine too. You can be a VIP during airport check-ins too with TSA Precheck! And speaking of cool tech do check out the Panasonic A500 Point-of-View Wearable 4K Camcorder, perfect for capturing your next travel adventure.

Will you go keyless during your next SPG hotel stay?