CITY: Miami
STATE: Florida

Must Stay (hotel, b&b, other):  Sagamore Paradox Hotel

Must See: Miami Beach, Downtown Miami Skyline and Brickell Avenue

Must Do: Take a stroll at Lincoln Road, Calle Ocho and Cocowalk, Visit the Florida Keys, Viscaya Palace and Gardens, Monkey Jungle, Parrot Jungle, the Metro Zoo and the everglades.  Take a swim at Venations Pool

Must Eat:
Restaurant 1: Canton Chinese
Restaurant 2: Michy’s
Restaurant 3: Latin America

Must Buy: Vintage Pieces at Lincoln Road’s Saturday Market.

Must Skip: Downtown Miami, to hectic to be with children.

Infant Activities: Coral Gables Barnes and Noble, they have amazing story time and activities for children, as well as in the public library’s.  

Kid Activities:  Key Biscayne Park (Fun Water Fountains) and Venations Pool.

Teen Activities:  Sunset Place AMC Theater and Dolphin Mall Theater and Bowling Alley

Parent Activities: Key Biscayne Jet ski and boat rentals

Family Activities: Parrot Jungle

Emergency Info: (305) 666-6511.

Pediatric Urgent Care: Miami’s Children Hospital
Kid's Rating Overall (1-5 stars: 5 = best):  4.5 Stars
Parent's Rating Overall:   5 Stars
Fun Factor Rating:  4.5 Stars