Wanna know what it’s like to soar over 240 feet in the air without losing your lunch on a rollercoaster? Well, now you can at Six Flags Over Georgia’s latest attraction, Skyscreamer. 

At speeds of over 40 mph, this ride isn’t the kiddie swings you remember from your youth but is suited for families (must be over 54 inches tall to experience) to ride together.

And I have to applaud Six Flags for creating a more exhilarating experience that doesn’t send parents to the chiropractor the next day.

Located in the Lickskillet section of the park, the two-seater swings hold up to 32 riders and is now the tallest attraction in the 45-year history of Six Flags Over Georgia. Yes, even taller than Goliath.


The beginning of the ride slowly lifts passengers and gently ascends-blowing back your hair, not your face. Let me put it to you this way, I got to keep my shades on during the duration of the ride. I was relieved to find that the safety belts are state-of-the-art considering the heights that riders reach.

There was a wonderful sense of freedom as I soared over the lush green treetops, and got a birds-eye view of the park’s coasters. However, if you are not a fan of heights, you will not want to look down or up for that matter.

Skyscreamer is the kind of repeatable ride that taps into the simpler thrill of yesteryear combined with the technology of today.

Visit Travelingmom.com’s YouTube channel to see a video of my ride on Skyscreamer.

Skyscreamer is open for the 2013 season. For tickets and park operating hours visit Six Flags Over Georgia’s website.