Nick Hotel via @SueRodman

It’s slime time during the Nick Hotel pool games. Photo credit: Sue Rodman / Atlanta TravelingMom

What does a bunk bed, slime and SpongeBob have in common? They’re all part of a stay at the Nick Hotel in Orlando FL. The Nickelodeon Hotel & Suites offers the ultimate kid vacation. It’s the one place where tweens rule and making a slimy mess isn’t just acceptable, it’s required.

The most impressive feature of the Nick Hotel is the awesome water slide that spews green slime at scheduled times daily. Other slimings occur during the afternoon pool games. Although there are several adults jockeying for a position with the kids during slime time, most capture the fun from a safe distance, sitting on a lounge chair or in the shade of a cabana sipping a fruity adult beverage.

Studio Nick

Slime built Nickelodeon, however, it’s the audience participation shows at Studio Nick that my kids remember most fondly. We’ve been to the Nick Hotel twice, when my older two were tweens and then again when my youngest came of age. Each time, participating in the show was a highlight. Our first visit we were ‘cast’ in the show. I dressed as a chicken, and my son threw a pie in my husband’s face. Good times. Good times. On our second visit, my youngest and his friend were chosen to compete in wacky games against other kids. The prize, a debit card to the arcade. A perfect gift for a 9 year old boy, and no a chicken costume required.


Power Ranger Weekends
We visited the hotel during a special Power Rangers Weekend and enjoyed shows and a character breakfast which fueled a renewed interest from my son in all things Power Ranger.  At one point, he was debating the merits of DinoThunder vs. Mystic Force in an interesting exchange with his older brother who proclaimed “You are NEVER too old for Power Rangers mom.” If only they showed the latest Power Ranger episodes in the  4-D theatre, that would have been awesome. Our final morning was a character breakfast with SpongeBob and his friends, because who doesn’t like SpongeBob.

Suites at the Nick Hotel
Although most people spend at least one or two days at the Disney or other theme parks during their Nick Hotel stay, our last visit we opted to stay on site and just enjoy the resort. It’s easy to make yourself at home in the suites and my boys were happy to hang out in their room with SpongeBob and Patrick, lounging on the bunk beds watching TV – something they can’t do at home since the only TV in our house is in the family room. Since the resort is self contained, I didn’t mind letting the boys run down to the pool while I finished up a few emails either. It was the perfect amount of kid fun with some autonomy thrown in for good measure.