AllStarVacationHome1Here is the thing about my family, when we travel, we need our space! How should I put this? Frankly, too close quarters for us makes us all very cranky. When they were little, our family packing into a hotel room with two queen beds was an adventure. Now that they are teens? Not so much.

Our snoring annoys them, the constant glow of their electronics annoys us. My kids get along well on the best of days, but to expect them to theme park all day, and then return home every night with no personal space is a fight I am not willing to have. Leave me at home, thank you.

Or… I found out on our Spring Break trip to Orlando, rent a home.  I had never considered this option until Visit Orlando, who coordinated our trip, suggested an All Star Vacation Home. With my son’s wheelchair, I never thought a house would be accessible. But believe it or not, they have fully accessible luxury vacation homes available for not much more than what a luxury room on Disney property would cost! Our house came complete with 6 bedrooms, 4 baths, a private enclosed pool, a pool table, and all the conveniences of home.


AllStarVacationHome2Even though any grocery store within The Mouse’s reach is more expensive, we were still able to take advantage of the kitchen, BBQ and pool and save ourselves tons of money on food. There were days, even though my kids had full access to every theme park in Orlando, they just wanted to go back to the house and swim! There was even a lift to help my son in and out of the pool!  This would have been a perfect place to split with family and have a reunion. Two families still have more than enough space and all the accessibility features are perfect for not only full-time wheelchair users but grandparents as well.

We have some wonderful memories of our time in Orlando but some of the fondest are just sitting by our private pool and relaxing, mixing our own drinks in the blender, BBQ’ing steak and having the time to just sit and talk with our teens. After this experience, I doubt I would ever book an Orlando vacation without staying in a rental home. While there are certainly many companies you can rent a home from in Florida, I can’t recommend All Star Vacation Homes enough. They were so easy to work with, had everything ready on time, the house was in tip top condition and we had a fabulous experience.  My bonus tip? Treat yourself to a mid-week cleaning. By Thursday I was very grateful to have someone else come in and clean up after us!

*Disclosure: We were hosted by All Star Vacation Homes through Visit Orlando which did not influence my decision to review our vacation home.