Step into an 1800’s train station and discover the Savannah Children’s Museum  where children’s imaginations soar. And fly they will as kids explore over a dozen exhibits including a sensory garden, a maze, an incredible reading nook, and more. Topping the list of things to do in Savannah, here are tips for planning a visit to the Savannah Children’s Museum.

The Savannah Children's Museum is a hidden gem for kids in Savannah.

Savannah Children’s Museum is located in a historic train terminal which only adds to the fun. Photo Credit: Special Needs TravelingMom Kathy Penney

Planning A Visit to Historic Savannah Children’s Museum

I wanted to go back in time when I was a kid. I also wanted to have a secret hideout. What kid doesn’t want those things, right? This past summer the family and I made a stop in beautiful Savannah, Georgia, on our way to Disney Hilton Head Resort. There my kids lived out my childhood fantasy as we visited the historic Savannah Children’s Museum, one of the many family-friendly things to do in Savannah.

Traveling Mom Tip: When visiting Hilton Head, Savannah is a short 30-mile drive and the breathtaking city is so worth the detour.

Put Savannah Children’s Museum on Your Itinerary

Discover Savannah with its tree lined streets, elegant Southern homes, beautiful squares, and world class restaurants. We also found a bit of hidden magic just for kids at the Savannah Children’s Museum.

There are many places for children to get creative at Savannah Children's Museum.

Kids can channel their inner artist at Savannah Children’s Museum Photo Credit: Kathy Penney

The Savannah Children’s Museum wins hands down for the coolest location of any museum we have visited. And we visit a museum on almost every trip. The museum is located in the shell of what was once the Carpentry Shop for the Central of Georgia Railroad.

Built in the 1800’s, its red brick walls are rich in history and character. Note for your visit, it’s only the shell of the walls that remain. The museum is mostly outdoors, so check the weather for rain and in the summer come early and bring your sunscreen.

Splish and splash at the water table at Savannah Children's Museum

Savannah Children’s Museum offers several Sensory Stations for hands on play. Photo Credit: Special Needs TravelingMom Kathy Penney

A Hands On Learning Adventure

Along with a cool location, browse its different exhibits for young children to explore, get hands on, and learn. My daughter loved the water works exhibit, demonstrating the way water flows and can cause erosion. Kids love to simply play in the water and sand, get their hands wet, and be a kid.

Savannah Children's Museum grows beautiful plants and herbs for hands on learning.

Savannah Children’s Museum offers a beautiful Children’s Garden. Photo Credit: Special Needs TravelingMom Kathy Penney

The Savannah Children’s Museum also features a sensory garden with lots of beautiful plants. Kids can learn about nature up close. The lush greenery with the red brick is a beautiful contrast.

Best Reading Nook Ever

The old train terminal is enough to spark any young imagination. To keep the imaginations chugging along, there is the most amazing reading nook. The beautiful brick arches make perfect reading nooks. Cushions, well stocked bookshelves, and the magical-hideout-feel make the reading nook one of the most popular places at the museum.

Savannah Children's Museum

Kids can challenge themselves to a puzzle at Savannah Children’s Museum. Photo: Special Needs TravelingMom, Kathy Penney

The museum features over a dozen exhibits for children to get hands on and learn, from puzzle stations to an exploration maze to play hide and seek in.

Whee slide into fun at Savannah Children's Museum.

Come play at the Savannah Children’s Museum Playground. Photo Credit: Special Needs TravelingMom Kath Penney

Other Savannah Tips

The Savannah Children’s Museum also has a playground and an old train car turned into a playhouse. The museum is small. It only takes a few hours to do it all but it’s such a uniquely wonderful place with the historical setting and fun activities that I definitely recommend it. It’s an ideal place to give the kids a break from the more grown up history museums and tours.

Take the trolley to Savannah Children's Museum.

Savannah Old Town Trolley is a great way to get to Savannah Children’s Museum. Photo Credit: Special Needs TravelingMom Kathy Penney

On the same property, combine the Georgia State Railroad Museum with your Children’s Museum visit, and those wonderful vintage trains will get any Thomas or train lover “chuffed.”

Across the street from the Tricentennial Park, discover the Savannah History Museum, the Coastal Heritage Museum and more.  All of these (including places the Savannah Children’s Museum) are stops on Old Town Trolley, a fun, convenient, and kid friendly way to see the city. Ride the trolley to avoid scouting for one of the limited parking spaces.

The Pirate's House is not far from Savannah Children's Museum.

Visit the Pirates’ House for lunch after the Savannah Children’s Museum. Photo Credit: Special Needs TravelingMom Kathy Penney

Argh! It’s Time To Eat

One stop on the Trolley I highly recommend is The Pirates’ House for lunch or dinner. It is the oldest structure in Savannah, built in 1753. A former pirate hangout, the Pirates’ House is now a restaurant while still maintaining its history. The restaurant offers tours, pirate classes for the kids, and delicious food from a Southern lunch buffet to seafood to steak to twists on Southern classics. Order the pecan crusted chicken!

Planning a visit to Savannah Children's Museum? Here's the scoop on how to make your family visit a fun (and educational!) one!

Add the Savannah Children’s Museum to your itinerary. Photo Credit: Special Needs TravelingMom Kathy Penney

Things to do in Savannah include visiting its beautiful historic homes and restaurants, but don’t miss the hidden gem for kids, the Savannah Children’s Museum. Unique location and exhibits provide an unforgettable adventure where children can read, play, learn, and just maybe do a little time travel. In their imaginations, of course.