Photo credit: Marina Kuperman Villatoro / Gringa TravelingMom

Photo credit: Marina Kuperman Villatoro / Gringa TravelingMom

I have had a love affair with Bed and Breakfasts for a long time. They are extremely quaint and adorable, mainly because they cater to adults and couples. They are not very kid friendly. Most of the B&B’s that I have contacted have told me that they can arrange the largest rooms to accommodate my family but that having breakfast with other guests is not permitted. In other words they say: “Guests don’t like to be bothered by kids”. And to be honest, if I was on my honeymoon I wouldn’t want to be bothered by someone else’s kids.

Also a lot of them don’t have outdoor spaces where kids can run and burn some energy.

But I kept looking and after a lot of time searching, I found Bayfront Marin House in St. Augustine, Florida and contacted Sandy (the owner). I could tell from the photos in their website that there was a courtyard. And it was right on the waterfront, so I felt there was hope.

DisclosureTMOMLuckily Sandy responded almost immediately and sounded excited that I wanted to stay there with my family and young kids!

We started a back and forth correspondence to arrange everything, during that conversation Sandy mentioned that they just opened two-bedroom beach cottages less than ten minutes away, and staying there gives you all the privileges of staying at the main Inn. That includes: free parking, breakfast and afternoon tea and drinks.

After considering our options, we decided on the beach cottages. What sold me was the thought of having two bedrooms and living room with a full kitchen plus ocean views.

Photo credit: Marina Kuperman Villatoro / Gringa TravelingMom

Photo credit: Marina Kuperman Villatoro / Gringa TravelingMom

Breakfast at Bayfront Marin House

Throughout the years my family and I have stayed in TONS of hotels that include breakfasts, but so far, none can compare Marin House’s feast that we got. There was an order sheet in our room where we had to mark what we’d like to get for breakfast. From reading it, it basically asked if we wanted to have toast, fruits, yogurt, and cereal. We thought that it didn’t sound like a lot so we checked them all off.

The next morning we were taken to a gazebo because I requested that. You can also sit at the outdoor tables.

The food started coming out and I noticed that I must have missed the special that is also included which was on the menu the night. It consisted of a HUGE quiche with bacon.

After our breakfast, I wanted to get a quick tour of the whole place as the boys ran in the garden. The rooms are very elegant and have amazing views.

Another thing that was great was the service. The owners are super accommodating, the staff extremely friendly and are always around when you need them, but not in your face.

History of Bayfront Marin House

Photo credit: Marina Kuperman Villatoro / Gringa TravelingMom

Photo credit: Marina Kuperman Villatoro / Gringa TravelingMom

History plays a major role in this building, as with most things in St. Augustine.

  • The first record of the existence of the house was 1788. It was a wooden building in terrible condition it was occupied by Francisco Marin
  • The colonial house at 47 Marine Street (the rear section of the front lot at 142 Avenida Memendez) dates from the Second Spanish Period. It is built to the regulations laid out by a royal ordinance issued by the King of Spain in 1573
  • Captain Henry Belknap came to St Augustine as guests of the Alcazar, but fell so in love with the town that he bought the Victorian Cottage.
  • He also purchased a cottage owned by Andrew Burgess in 1893 that was located just north of the Marin house, moved it east on the lot, and attached it to the back of his own home. Immediately, bought the remodeled coquina Marin house and began to make wooden additions to it. Now it was three houses.
  • After Captain Henry died in 1909, the building was sold to John Cambell. He transformed it into apartments.
  • Then in 1932, the building was sold to Beulah Robinson Lewis of Virginia. It was purchased again by the Graubard and Stacklum families in 1988.
  • They made it into an apartment building called The Villas de Marin, short-term rental units.
  • Finally the house was converted into The Bayfront Marin House: Bed and Breakfast Inn, which was fully restored and open for business in July of 2003.
  • The B&B now consists of several rooms called: The Francisco Marin Room, The Coquina Suite, The Governor White and The Lyndsay Michelle. The Burgess Cottage, The Forrester Suite, The Princess Margaret, and The Marine Street rooms complete what once was the original Burgess Cottage.
  • The original Hopkins Cottage is today made up of the King George, The Marie Antoinette, The Hopkings Cottage, The Bridge of Lions, The Robinson Lewis and the Captain Henry.