Eau Palm Beach is a fancy schmancy Palm Beach resort like the ones you see in magazines but are not really sure who stays there. I’m here to tell you that while fancy for sure, this resort is also comfortable, welcoming, and amazingly family-friendly. Learn more about this posh hotel before you plan your next South Florida vacation.

Eau Palm Beach is a Palm Beach resort that is both posh and unpretentious.

Photo credit: Maria Smith, TravelingMom of Many

Eau Palm Beach (pronounced like the letter “O”) is one of the toniest beach resorts in one of the wealthiest cities in the world. There is wealth everywhere in Palm Beach and it can get a bit intimidating for those of us who weren’t born into that high society. I was excited to visit Eau Palm Beach with my family to see if that wealth was translated as haughty or if it just made the resort a little more impressive to look at. I was thrilled to experience the later.

To give you a taste of Eau Palm Beach and how fabulous it is (without being too pretentious), here are six things that will make you go “Eau MG”. (Get it…as opposed to OMG…)

6 ‘Eau MG’ Amenities at this Palm Beach Resort

Eau Palm Beach is a Palm Beach resort that is both posh and unpretentious.

Photo credit: Maria Smith, TravelingMom of Many

The lobby is spectacularly impressive at Eau Palm Beach.

Photo credit: Maria Smith, TravelingMom of Many

1. Formal Entrance.

When you walk into Eau Palm Beach you realize you have entered another level of living. Everything is pristine and breathtakingly beautiful. I love how you can see straight out to the ocean from the front door. The humongous flower arrangements smell amazing. The marble floors are buffed to new car shininess.

The furniture in the lobby lounge is formal enough to look impressive but yet also still comfortable and useful for sitting. And the balcony off the front lobby lounge of this Palm Beach resort has just enough chairs so it won’t get too crowded. Quiet as it’s kept, it is the best spot in the hotel for both people and ocean watching.

2. Champagne on Arrival.

Champagne for all upon arrival at Eau Palm Beach.

Photo credit: Maria Smith, TravelingMom of Many

Eau Palm Beach wants you to start your vacation on the right foot so every guest is offered a crystal flute filled with very tasty champagne when they check in. They don’t just offer it to VIPs or to the high rollers staying for a month in a suite. Every single guest is offered a complimentary glass of champagne. Even those checking in with four kids. Actually, we should have probably asked for two glasses each…one glass per kid is fair I think.

3. Complimentary Beach Bag in Your room.

Not only does Eau Palm Beach want you to give you something when you check in, they also want to give you something when you get to your room too. Each hotel room has a new Eau Palm Beach beach bag in it for the guests to use and then to take home with them as a memento of the trip. The bag is ocean blue and I’ve used it to impress people when I tote snacks to a basketball game or carry shoes in when the kids went roller skating. Of course, it was also used in Palm Beach so I could bring all the eight thousand things the kids seem to need for the beach and/or the pool. (Did I mention the bag was free?!?)

Aquanuts makes sure your kids have fun so you can have fun without them. Win/Win!

Photo credit: Maria Smith, TravelingMom of Many

4. Outstanding Kids Programs.

This posh hotel was a kids’ program? Yes! And it’s fabulous! Aquanuts is the supervised kids’ program for children ages 5 to 12. This is the place kids can be anyone they want to be. They can dive into an underwater wonderland where pirates and mermaids roam and climb aboard the gigantic pirate ship.  Friendships are formed while climbing the walls of an underwater cave, playing dress up, performing on the wet, wonderful stage, or just hanging out at the private pool and beach. The professional “pirate” child care crew provides safe, creative, educational, and of course fun activities for your kids. Half-day rates are $80/child. The full day rate is $108. The value of getting some time to yourselves on vacation? Priceless.

5. Spectacular Food.

The Meditereanean breakfast buffet is one of the things to make you go "Eau MG" at Eau Palm Beach.

Photo credit: Maria Smith, TravelingMom of Many

Well you knew the food had to be fabulous. If a place looks great and smells great and everyone who works there is great, then the food must be amazing. And if you thought that you would be right! I’m still thinking about the Pain au Chocolat at Temple Orange Mediterranean Cafe. I consumed way more than my fair share each morning for breakfast. And if you are staying at Eau Palm Beach, go ahead and splurge on the breakfast buffet. It costs $34 for adults / $16 children and includes all the regulars you can think of as well as several unique Mediterranean dishes I couldn’t pronounce but was more than happy to try (and try and try). I loved that we could sit outside in the mornings before it got too hot and feel the ocean breeze as we enjoyed breakfast. That’s the way to start the day.

The treatment rooms and amenities of the Eau Spa are just amazing.

Photo credit: Maria Smith, TravelingMom of Many

6. The Over-the-Top Eau Spa.

Eau Spa is not like any place I’ve been. They do not just want to offer you a service, they want to transport you to another world. Behind the doors of the Spa is a private club of sorts. You can reflect in the Self-Centered Garden, play in the Bath Lounge and perfect yourself in the Sauna and Steam Shower. The Relaxation Lounge, which features fruit-infused water, tea, granola, fresh fruit and a never ending supply of delicious cupcakes was my favorite spot. Even if you don’t need or want a service, you can get a day pass and use all the amenities for the whole day. Come and go as you please! I had a massage and left feeling 5 pounds lighter because of all the stress she lifted off my shoulders. It was lovely!

For those looking for luxury in a Palm Beach resort, Eau Palm Beach should definitely be on your list. I loved the Jonathan Adler-TMOM-disclosure-graphicdesigned rooms and hallways. I reveled in the unparalleled ocean views. I soaked up the ‘your wish is our command’ attitude of the staff.  Eau Palm Beach put the “Oh!” in OMG for sure.  It is sexy and fun yet you can bring the whole family and feel totally at home.

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