Now open – Ninjago World LEGOLAND Florida! The 150-acre theme park in Winter Haven (just outside of Orlando) has expanded further with a new attraction and area called Ninjago World, inspired by the popular martial arts LEGO building sets and the “LEGO NINJAGO: Masters of Spinjitzu” television show. The new magical world includes play areas, games, character spots and a groundbreaking interactive 4D ride that allows kids to become the ninja.

Tour the new Ninjago World LEGOLAND Florida with an inside look at the 4D ride based on “LEGO NINJAGO: Masters of Spinjitzu” the martial arts TV show.

Entryway to the new Ninjago World LEGOLAND Florida. Photo Credit: Tara Settembre/ VIP TravelingMom


Grand Opening Ninjago World LEGOLAND Florida

Everything is even more awesome at LEGOLAND Florida theme park and hotel . They’ve added a new addition – Ninjago [Nin-JAH-go] World and its amazingly fun 4D ride built for kids. My boys and I were there to celebrate the grand opening of the new area and LEGO NINJAGO The Ride. I can’t wait to tell you all about it!

The dazzling new ride blends 3D computer animation and 4D special effects such as heat, fog and strobe lighting. Each cart holds up to four riders or “ninjas.” The cart moves on a track that spins to face different screens. Guests then score points using ninja hand moves to blast animated fireballs, lightning bolts and more at 3D villains. No gun needed to shoot or attack the bad guys – just your own fists of fury!

The ride reminded me of a combination the big 3D screens of Harry Potter and The Forbidden Journey ride at Universal Studios Wizarding World of Harry Potter, and the interactive game play of Toy Story Midway Mania at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

At the end of the Ninjago ride, each rider receives a score. By the time the ride came to an end, my arms were sore from waving them around so enthusiastically. Unfortunately, I was disappointed to see that I came in second. My husband scored a whopping 99,000 points. Like with Toy Story, I can see us going back again and again to beat those scores. After all, who doesn’t love some friendly family competition? I can’t wait to discover tricks and tips too. Personally, I found if I did the Lightning Strike lower over the lap bar, I had better results.

Hand Motions to Implement on LEGOLAND Florida’s Ninjago World Ride:

    • The Cobra: Hold your fingers like a snake’s head. Then strike your arm forward.
    • Chops of Fury: Hold both hands in front of you, palms facing, and do quick karate chops.
    • The Fireball Flinger: Clench your hand into a fist. Then thrust your arm forward while opening your fingers.
    • The Lightning Strike: Hold your arm at a slant and chop.
    • The Shuriken [SHUR-IH-KEN] Shuffle: Hold both hands in front of you, palms down, with your arms bent so they touch your chest. Chop outwards repeatedly.
Tour the new Ninjago World LEGOLAND Florida with an inside look at the 4D ride based on “LEGO NINJAGO: Masters of Spinjitzu” the martial arts TV show.

Exclusive look inside the new Ninjago World LEGOLAND Florida. Photo Credit: Tara Settembre/ VIP TravelingMom

Kids under 48 inches need to be accompanied by an adult. My 4-year-old twins are only 38 inches so they sat with us. The ride doesn’t move fast, but I think they were a little intimidated at first by the amazing graphics and noises. It took them awhile to get into the spirit of the ride and participate fully. I bet by next year though, this will easily be their favorite ride.

Also, parents will be glad to know that the line for the ride is inside. That means it’s shaded and air-conditioned! There are several brick building areas to keep kids entertained along the way. Wouldn’t life be great if every line everywhere had LEGO bricks for children to play with while waiting? *sigh*

Ninjago World LEGOLAND Florida  also Includes:

  • Zane’s Temple Build – A LEGO building experience where kids can contribute to a giant model of the mountaintop NINJAGO monastery with bins of loose LEGO bricks.
  • Kai’s Spinners – Master the ancient art of Spinjitzu at these twirling, whirling, single-child platforms; recommended for ages 5-12.
  • Cole’s Rock Climb – A horizontal, right-to-left climbing wall to test kids’ strength and endurance; recommended for ages 2-12.
  • Jay’s Lightning Drill – Practice precision and reflexes by pressing as many light-up targets as possible in 30-second sessions; recommended for ages 2-12.

The lushly landscaped area also features large LEGO models on display of LEGO NINJAGO heroes, Kai, Jay, Cole, Zane, Lloyd, Nya and Master Wu. There are daily meet-and-greet opportunities for photos with sibling ninjas Kai and Nya. And no visit is complete without a stop at Wu’s Warehouse, a themed retail shop filled with LEGO NINJAGO building sets, children’s apparel, costumes, books, souvenirs and more.

Tour Ninjago World LEGOLAND Florida

For a full look at LEGOLAND Florida’s new Ninjago World and Ride watch the following video with guest star Jodie Sweetin from Full House and Fuller House who attended the opening ceremonies as well:

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