Quick! Name 3 Singer/Musicians who have also raced cars or trucks or SOMETHING to do with racing! Or… vice versa. Do you know any NASCAR racers (or their kids) who are musically inclined? Through January of 2015, the main hall of the NASCAR Hall of Fame in Charlotte, North Caroline will host more than 40 items of memorabilia in the Rockin’ & Racin’ exhibit. Seven cars and 13 guitars headline the main show.If you’ve ever been to a NASCAR event, you know they open with big name rock stars like Taylor Swift, Rascal Flatts and Sheryl Crow.

DisclosureTMOM“Artifacts include the 1959 Chevrolet Corvette featured in Brad Paisley’s “Old Alabama” music video, country music star Marty Robbins’ 1964 Plymouth race car, Juan Pablo Montoya’s 2012 No. 42 Chevrolet sponsored by Taylor Swift, the 2003 Chevy Rock & Roll 400 guitar trophy and more.” – NASCAR Hall of Fame

nascar hall of fame new exhibit rockin' and racin' 2

Rascal Flatts photo by Geoff Burke Getty Images for NASCAR–by permission.

You might be surprised at all the music trivia surrounding NASCAR. There is also a large amount of video footage from races and concerts to entertain you as you wander to the top of Glory Road and test how STEEP it is!

The new exhibit is included in admission to the museum. And I suggest you take ALL your kids when you visit because you’ll be raving about the historic items in the upper levels and your older kids will be jealous if you only take your 10 year old! (Ask me how I know!) I also suggest purchasing the simulator racing experience—extra after admission. It was realistic enough to make me wish I had taken roller coaster nausea medicine! Didn’t bother my kid’s stomach at all though. Doesn’t that figure?

nascar hall of fame new exhibit rockin' and racin'

Carissa and her husband at a preview media event hosted by the NASCAR Hall of Fame–photo credit Carissa Rogers

NASCAR Hall of Fame Pricing:

  • Adult $19.95
  • Senior (60+) $17.95 with ID
  • Military $17.95 with ID
  • Children (5-12) $12.95

Disclosure: I attended a preview event hosted by The NASCAR Hall of Fame at no cost to me. My husband happily joined me as my ‘media assistant’.