stsimons-lighthouseIf you want a bit of mystery mixed in with your vacation, St. Simons Island, Georgia, may be an ideal location for your next family getaway. I took my family recently for a quick three-day trip and loved learning about the history of the island. You can take a trolley tour and hear about it from the comfort of an easy ride around town.  We took the ghost tour one night while we were there.

I was a bit nervous about my six year old and whether it would be too scary, but she ended up liking it more than anyone and I think was most open-minded about what she was hearing.

When they talked about a red light being seen from the historic lighthouse where the lightkeeper was murdered, she swore she saw the red light later on the tour.

And when they told us about a woman in a white dress who drowned after the man she loved died at sea, then mysteriously appeared on the coast time and time again, it was my daughter who said she thought she saw that same lady on another street during the tour.

spirit-treeWe heard story after story of various hauntings around the island.  We were so intrigued that we went back the next day to many of the spots so that we could see them in the daylight.  From the row of oaks with spanish moss “that grabs you at night” to the “spirit trees” with faces grown into them, we were intrigued.

We paid for the tour of the lighthouse so that we could climb the steps to the top and see inside the home where the keeper of the light lived—and died.

And we walked around Christ Church, reading tombstones that made me, as a mother, sad inside, realizing entire families were lost during a period of months at a time when disease was common.

St. Simons Island is known for its coast, but it’s the history that attracts me to the area.