tribal-councilThe Mission San Luis is based in Tallahassee, just a few streets away from the craze of college life at FSU, but when you step through the doors of the Mission you’ll feel centuries melt away.

The Mission San Luis is worth an afternoon visit if you are making a trip with your family to the city.

The Mission transports you to a 17th century community where Apalachee Indians and Spaniards come together.  You’ll gather in their old council house, walk through a military complex, and step into a Franciscan church while walking the 60 acre property.  The Mission San Luis property is filled with artifacts of life in the 1600s and is a national historic landmark.

ironworkToday replicas of the buildings and costumed guides help make it easy to imagine what life was like so long ago.


You’ll see an iron worker making nails or decorative hooks.  You’ll see the weapons they used to protect themselves from intruders.  You’ll be able to ring the church bell that they used to announce important happenings around town. 

spanish-weaponsAnd you’ll wonder how it’s possible you can feel so far away from today’s society just outside the gates of the Mission.

(Note to the reader: My family was invited by the Convention and Visitor’s Bureau to visit Tallahassee.  Some of our expenses were covered. My opinion of what we did and saw is my own and I was not compensated for the review.)