jurassic park golfMyrtle Beach, South Carolina is known for having some of the world’s most challenging golf courses but it may surprise you to find a miniature golf course everywhere you look as well.  During our trip to Myrtle Beach, the many miniature golf courses we visited were the highlights.  Both of my kids decided that their favorite mini golf course was Jurassic Golf, part of the Myrtle Beach Family Golf.

Jurassic Golf was conveniently located near our property in which we stayed, the Holiday Inn Club Vacations South Beach Resort.  My daughter loved the dinosaurs scattered throughout and my son couldn’t get enough of the tricky course.  There are two courses aptly named “Ice Age” and “Predator”.  Each course has 18 holes.  If you choose Ice Age, you will see lots of fog and water.  This course is mostly flat and my 4 year old daughter didn’t have any problems playing until the end where things got a little tricky.  Predator is more challenging in that you play up and down hills.  Jurassic Golf isn’t the only mini golf course in the Myrtle Beach Family Golf group.

Visitors can choose to play other themed miniature golf courses like Shipwreck Island, Jungle Safari, Captain Hook, and the Dragon’s Lair.  Before you head to play, check the schedule for the course you want to visit.  Each course is open at different times and some of the courses close for the winter season. 

Miniature golf is a great family-friendly activity because, while it isn’t a free activity, it is relatively inexpensive and lasts for at least an hour or two.  Playing a round of golf with Myrtle Beach Family Golf will run you $9 per person before 6pm and $10 after 6pm.  They offer an all-day pass until 6pm for $15 at certain locations.  Also, check Myrtle Beach Family Golf for coupons and specials.  If you think you will play many golf games during your visit or if you will be headed to Myrtle Beach more than once during the year, check out the season passes that are available for purchase.