Zoo MiamiAfter visiting my share of zoos I’ve learned that few zoos can truly call themselves cage-less. Even if they say they are, most probably aren’t. Thankfully the days where animals are forced to stay in tiny cages, with almost no space to walk around are over – at least at Miami Metro Zoo.

What To Do and See at Miami Metro Zoo:

1. Animals – They have tons of different animal species and exhibits, so my advice is to get a zoo map before you do anything else. This is essential for traveling with small children. The place is so big kids will get bored half way through it, but with a map you can take them directly to their favorite animals.


2. Feeding the animals – At the admissions office you can also find out which of the animals can be fed by visitors. The day we were there my oldest boy was able to feed a rhinoceros. This was an amazing thing for him, but it also blew me away. You have to pay an extra price from $3 – $5 to feed an animal.

3. Children’s zoo – This was a great experience! The animals were docile and relaxed, I was able to enjoy my kids as they played with them without worrying they would get hurt.


4. Exhibits – This zoo has four major exhibits.

How to Get Around Zoo Miami:

1. Walking Path – The zoo has over 4.5 miles of paths that lead to all of the exhibits. If you like to walk, and the weather is right this is your best option. We were lucky to visit on a day when weather was perfect, not too sunny.

Paid Modes of Transportation around the Zoo


2. Monorail – There is a train system with four stations one in each of the major exhibits. The part I was not a fan of is that you have to wait 30 minutes in between trains. So you lose a lot of time. For $3 extra dollar you can take it as many times as you like during the day.

3. Tram – This is a sort of train on wheels. It is also a tour that takes you all over the zoo, so you can’t get on and off whenever you want for $4.95. The benefit of this, you will see exactly what peaked your kids interest most.

4. Cycle Rentals – This might sound like a great way to get around. They offer two options $22 small/ $32 large, this price is for 2 hours. You can fit 4 people on the small on and up to 8 on the large one. My problem is that after the 2 hours have passed they charge extra and there is no way you can go through the whole zoo in that time.

Another thing I noticed was that it is more tiring pedaling through the zoo than walking, especially if you have kids. Yes they will rest, but you have to work twice as much, my recommendation, bring a stroller and walk.

My Take On It:

This is one of the best things to do with kids in Miami. The whole adventure at the zoo was really good. We really enjoyed the Rhino feeding, it was our favorite thing. The second one was the children’s zoo. Since there are many exhibits, and it is really hard to see them all in one day I recommend choosing only your favorite ones. If you have some extra time at the end go for a couple more.


The thing that disappointed me was the bike rental thing. The price is a bit high, it could be a daily fee, plus there is still an extra fee if you use it for more than 2 hours. Of course it will depend on what you and your family need but I’m grateful we decided to walk.

Important Information for Zoo Miami:

Miami Zoo
Hours: Mon – Sun: 9:30 – 17:30
Address: 12400 SW 152 Street, Miami 33177
Phone: 305-251-0400
Cost: Adult (13+) $15.95 / Child (3-12) $11.95 / Children 2 and under FREE “+ tax”

I worked with Visit Florida and Miami and Beaches to help me organize this trip and activities for my family. Both were extremely helpful in giving advice and making our trip wonderful!