wdwstrollersIf you’ve ever traveled with babies or toddlers you’re familiar with the mountain of gear that they require. Now Magic Strollers of Orlando makes it easy to leave the stroller at home. On a recent trip to Orlando, I was provided with a complimentary stroller rental so that I could assess the ease of the service.

Our travel method: 

  • Car seats always come with us. We never rent these. With two kids in car seats this takes up a significant amount of carry space. (I rented a car seat once. I wish I had taken a picture of the death trap the car company gave us. I will never rent again.)
  • Playpen is arranged with hotel.
  • Backpack carrier- we love having it with us particularly if we’re going to museums or crowded places where a stroller will be hard to manuver.
  • Stroller- We bring one but don’t usually end up using it until we get to our destination.

Enter Magic Stroller. Located in Orlando, these guys will deliver a stroller to your Orlando-area hotel by 10am the day you arrive for free. They use a high quality jogging stroller (City Mini- single and double) and it will arrive neatly enclosed in a carry bag. When your trip is over you leave it with your hotel’s bell services by 2pm day of departure and they will pick it up. The service couldn’t have been easier to use and a real human answered the phone every time I called, even at 10pm when I thought I’d be leaving a message.

What I Loved About Magic Stroller:

  • The carrying bag was really convenient for transport.
  • It came with a rain cover so we weren’t one of the families at Disney with a garbage bag covered stroller.
  • The stroller was impeccably clean. (They steam clean and sanitize the strollers prior to each rental using Ecolab products.) My husband actually thought it was a new stroller until he saw a few minor cosmetic scratches and fabric pulls. It was in amazing shape.
  • The stroller was clearly tagged with my name, the rental companies name, and a list of terms. I’m not a fan of having to search for things.
  • They texted me when it arrived at the hotel and sent a reminder the morning of departure to leave it with guest services. 
Baby Likes Magic Stroller

The service is very affordable as well. The cost of renting a Disney double stroller is $31/day ($27 for multiple days). Magic Stroller is $25 on the first day with each additional day at $9/day and can be used off property. (Single strollers are $15 first day, extra days $8/day.) I would absolutely use Magic Stroller on our next trip to Orlando. The convenience and price far outweighed the hassle of bringing a stroller along with all of our other gear on the trip.

What do you do to make gear heavy trips easier? Have you ever rented a stroller?

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Stroller Rental photo courtesy of Disney World Strollers

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