aquanutsFamilies on vacation have a choice: Put the kids in the kid’s camp at the hotel or not?

There are kid’s camps that are glorified day care centers, there are kid’s camps that park your children in front of movies (but at least you’re at dinner…alone) and then there are the kid’s camps that make the vacation fun for everyone. The Ritz Carlton in Palm Beach boasts the coolest kid’s camp ever reviewed by the Evans boys.

For starters, the Ritz kid’s camps have awesome names: AquaNuts for children ages 5-12 and COAST for teens ages 13-17. When you go inside, it’s as if they let a crazy kid drink soda, eat candy and then design their dream kid’s camp.   Black light climbing wall for the little guys?  Yeah, we can do that.  Diva Bar where you can do nails and hair?  Yeah, we can do that.  Guitar hero, Mac computers, DJ booth?  Yeah, we can do that too.

Unlike many kid’s camps, the Ritz program lets families on vacation sign a child up for a full day, half day or by the hour.  

The boys had so much fun that their supremely cool 13 year old sister is begging to visit COAST and hang out at the Diva Bar. Now that’s saying something.

Here Keaton gives a tour of AquaNuts:

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