GreenbrierThe Greenbrier, located in White Sulphur Springs, WV is a historic luxury property, nestled in the mountains. An unlikely locale for such elegance and grandeur, as most travelers don’t immediately jump to West Virginia in their minds when considering luxury. They would be wrong.

The Greenbrier is the epitome of high-class, from the stunning white facade, to the grandiose interior design (it’s a bit alarming with the color scheme and flowers, but they somehow make it charming), to the five star spa and incredible dining, to the brand new underground casino, available only to resort guests.

Our Experience at The Greenbrier

My husband and I were lucky enough to take part in their yearly special, The Tribute to the Virginias. What normally costs over $200 per night or more, depending on date and room type can be had for as little as $59 during the special. Since we live only an hour or so from the resort, we treated ourselves to a weekend of fun without the kid!

Steeped in history, the Greenbrier is a delight to simply tour on your own, as we did a lot of. However, for those looking for a true tour, many are available. One of the most popular is the guided tour of the “secret” underground bunker, which was declassified only in the last few decades. Reserved for the likes of presidents and world leaders, the underground bunker was stocked for survival in case of nuclear fallout. It is massive – a full working city in it’s time.

The Spa at The Greenbrier

If tours aren’t your thing, check out the spa! Hot stone massage, facials, steams, it’s all available for you. You could also opt to ice skate, go horseback riding, catch a movie, gamble, go bowling, or of course, golf. The Greenbrier has professional golf courses, which are immaculate, and play host to the Annual Greenbrier Classic. Not only do the world’s best golfers attend the Classic in the summer, top musicians such as Tim McGraw and Toby Keith are in concert during the 4 day event, and concerts are included in the cost of the golf tickets. Amazing!


Dining at The Greenbrier

One of our favorite things to do? Eat. The Main Dining Room is a must for breakfast – whether ordering from the menu or indulging in the bountiful buffet. We were very impressed with the selection: everything from filled pastries to eggs with mushrooms, to artisan sausages and even an oatmeal station. No one is leaving there hungry!

If you are in the market for a quick getaway to the mountains, a luxury weekend for two, or a week of golfing and spa treatments, I would highly recommend the Greenbrier!

For more information: The Greenbrier Website
The Tribute to the Virginias Special: Until February 29