LEGOLAND Florida Hotel is a brick-tastic overnight destination. The masterminds behind this extraordinary LEGO-themed lodging in Winterhaven, about an hour southwest of Orlando, have thought of every delightful detail to ensure that guests of all ages are transported to a world where LEGO minifigs are king. Disco dance parties in the elevators, treasure hunts, and whoopie cushion carpet awaits and this incredible “5-gazallion star hotel.”

LEGOLAND Florida Hotel

LEGOLAND Florida Hotel. Photo by Big Family TravelingMom, Heidi Gollub.

On a recent trip to Central Florida, we almost missed staying at LEGOLAND Florida Hotel. Initially, I thought that a visit to the neighboring LEGOLAND Florida theme and water parks would be quite enough fun for one day. But, thank goodness I came to my senses and made a last-minute reservation!

LEGOLAND Florida Hotel

LEGO fun in the lobby! Photo by Big Family TravelingMom, Heidi Gollub.

LEGOLAND Florida Hotel

If you have a child who loves LEGO, a visit to LEGOLAND Florida Hotel will make them think they’ve died and gone to brick heaven. Every inch of LEGOLAND Hotel is on point. From the LEGO brick pits and castle play area in the lobby to the outdoor pool filled with LEGO foam bricks, my kids were immersed in creative play. Around every corner is a new adventure: LEGO character visits, PJ parties, Master Model Builder sessions, and a treasure hunt in every hotel room. The fun never stops!

LEGOLAND Florida Hotel

Watching The LEGO Movie, of course. Photo by Big Family TravelingMom, Heidi Gollub.

Unique LEGO Themed Rooms

Each floor of the hotel has its own theme: Pirate, Adventure, Kingdom, and LEGO Friends. We stayed in an Adventure Room with a LEGO Indiana Jones motif. The room had Adventure carpet, wall paper, decor, blankets… every detail was consistent with the theme, right down to the shower curtain! My kids loved having their own private nook, with a television and Duplo blocks for building, and I enjoyed having my own Egyptian quarters with a comfortable king size bed.

LEGOLAND Florida Hotel

Theme + comfort = happy campers. Photo by Big Family TravelingMom, Heidi Gollub.

In-Room Treasure Hunt

The first thing my kids spotted upon entering our suite was a LEGO monkey guarding a treasure chest. In front of him, a challenge! My boys were eager to solve clues listed on the paper, to crack the code so they could open the locked treasure chest. Never have my kids been so excited about working together. They hollered out the clues, argued, and figured out the combination to open the chest without ever asking for my help.

LEGOLAND Florida Hotel

A treasure hunt! Photo by Big Family TravelingMom, Heidi Gollub.

When the chest was successfully opened, my kids were thrilled to discover free gifts inside: LEGO Club magazines, activity lanyards, snacks, and Mixels. It was like Christmas. What a welcome!

LEGOLAND Florida Hotel

Treasure hunt loot. Photo by Big Family TravelingMom, Heidi Gollub.

What’s So Awesome About LEGOLAND Hotel Florida?

I suspected LEGOLAND Hotel would be an enjoyable place to stay, but the attention paid to every tiny detail blew me away. Disco parties in the elevators? Check. Fake video security footage on our in-room televisions of LEGO minifigures dancing in the elevator? Check. Certification that our room was monster free? Check.

LEGOLAND Florida Hotel

They really did think of everything. Photo by Big Family TravelingMom, Heidi Gollub.

We even received a copy of The LEGOLAND Times on our doorstep in the morning. It felt like we had woken up in another world – one we didn’t want to leave!

LEGOLAND Florida Hotel

Waking up to the morning news. Photo by Big Family TravelingMom, Heidi Gollub.

The Perks of Staying at LEGOLAND Florida Hotel

  • Breakfast at LEGOLAND Hotel’s Bricks Family Restaurant is included with your stay, and it is delicious!
  • If you stay at the hotel, you can park at the resort for free. LEGOLAND Florida is located steps away from the hotel.
  • You can enter the theme park half an hour before it opens to the public if you’re staying at the hotel, even if you haven’t checked in yet.
  • In 2016, rooms start at $105, plus a $20 resort fee. Cheaper than you thought, right?
  • Kids have their own sleeping area in each room, which can sleep up to three children comfortably.
  • There is nightly entertainment in the lobby.
  • You can sign your kids up for Master Model Builders workshops. They’re free with your stay.
  • Kids can trade minifigures with hotel staff, so make sure to bring some along.
  • There’s a heated outdoor pool, and a boardwalk on the nearby Lake Eloise.
  • The LEGO bricks in the lobby are frequently cleaned. The morning we were there, all bricks were being removed for cleaning. Nice!
LEGOLAND Florida Hotel

Playscape in the lobby. Photo by Big Family TravelingMom, Heidi Gollub.

We loved our stay so much, I found myself regretting that we didn’t have an extra day to just hang out in the hotel. And, there is more fun to come! Read all about the LEGOLAND Florida expansion slated for 2017.

LEGOLAND Florida Hotel

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To plan your visit, check out the LEGOLAND Florida Hotel website. You may also be interested in 7 Ways to Save Money at LEGOLAND Florida.

LEGOLAND Florida Hotel

Entertaining fake security footage of dance parties in the hotel elevator. LEGO minifigs love a good party! Photo by Big Family TravelingMom, Heidi Gollub.