sandestin_jolee_islandWhen we were guests of Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort, I was amazed how at the same time we felt wrapped in luxury I also felt like my kids were welcomed with open arms. One of our favorite parts of our family friendly adventures at Sandestin was our leisurely bike ride to Jolee Island Nature Park. Jolee Island Nature Park is a five acre nature park.

You can get to Jolee Island two ways and we tried them both! The first time we visited Jolee Island, we rode our bikes from the Sandestin Grand. The ride was great because it wasn’t too long and there were sidewalks the whole way. The second way to visit Jolee Island is to check out a kayak or canoe and arrive by water, which my husband and kids tried later the same day.

The kids especially enjoyed exploring Jolee Island Nature Park. There is lots of Florida scrub and pine so the play areas seem to be hidden just like a real pirate hideaway. They loved turning a corner and finding a pirate ship playground or a pirate roost. We wandered around the trails for over an hour discovering hideaways. The kids splashed in the water. Our only regret is that we didn’t pack a picnic lunch to enjoy at one of the many picnic spots.


Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort hosted my family for two nights.  We paid for meals and transportation. My reviews are based solely on my experiences and opinion with no outside influence.