A dragon greets you at the entry to LEGOLAND Hotel. Photo by Desiree Miller, Family Fun Traveling Mom.

Ever wish you could climb into one of the cool constructions you put together as a kid—or with your kids—with LEGO bricks? That’s about what it feels like to check in at LEGOLAND Hotel, just steps away from the LEGOLAND Resort.

A massive LEGO dragon greets you, and if it’s timed right, may scare you with a roar of steam from his mouth. You can see it in this video…and even though I was expecting it, it still made me jump!

You’ll check in at the front desk where hundreds of mini characters will be watching, along with a bicycling LEGO man with his surfboard, biking right by.

LEGO biker

The biking LEGO man who greets you at check in. Photo by Desiree Miller, Family Fun Traveling Mom.

There’s a huge LEGO castle and playroom past the front desk, where you and the kids can play among the knights and royalty…or you can watch the kids while enjoying a beverage at the Skyline Lounge. On the other side of the castle is Brick’s Family Restaurant, where the buffet is built at a child’s level, so they can serve themselves. But don’t worry too much about choices—the only fried food at dinner is chicken nuggets. The chef makes every effort to use fresh, local foods and keep things healthy. Breakfast is part of your stay, but park visitors can also eat at Brick’s for a fee ($16.50 for adults, $8.50 for kids, three and under eat free).

There’s a pool just outside the main LEGOLAND hotel space and two lifeguards are on duty whenever it’s open. The deepest spot is about four feet and the shallow ends are ideal for building more creations with the floating LEGO bricks.

You’ll take what may be the world’s most fun elevator up to your room. Plan on a disco party when the doors open and I dare you to try NOT dancing by the time you reach your floor.

The rooms at the LEGOLAND Florida hotel are what are going to really blow you away, though. Each floor has a different theme, and one floor has combined themes. You can choose from Adventure, Pirate, Kingdom and LEGO Friends. The rooms truly are designed for children, with bunk beds and a trundle bed in the front room (so that you can sleep three children to a room), and a very comfortable queen bed for parents. The kids have their own entertainment center in their portion of the room, among other fun things geared toward littles. The décor will make any LEGO fan giddy. The rooms are decorated on different levels, starting with the standard theme, then the premium theme, then the VIP premium (which has to be the biggest hotel room/rooms I’ve seen in a while).

You can see each room in the video below.

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