Nothing brings families together like shared experiences. At Wetn Wild, Orlando’s premier water park, there are signature thrill rides for a full day of fun for the entire family. Here’s what you need to know to make the most of a day at the water park.

Water Park Fun for Parents Too

Brain Wash at Wet N Wild Water Park - A mind-altering trip down a 53-foot vertical drop into a domed funnel. Photo credit: Mom It Forward

Brain Wash – A mind-altering trip down a 53-foot vertical drop into a domed funnel. Photo credit: Mom It Forward

My husband and I had just as much fun as our boys did at Wet ‘n Wild in Orlando. There’s nothing like having the opportunity to be a kid again. We laughed, giggled, and had a blast together.  I even braved walking around in a swimsuit, which I rarely do without wearing a cover up. But I wanted to spend the day with my family not worrying about what I looked like. It was three hours of pure fun.

We left our phones and camera safe in the locker, however we did bring along an action camera that allowed us to take photos and videos of our experience in the water park. Check out some of the fun we had on our trip:


If you are planning to head to Orlando, you have to check out Wet ‘n Wild. It’s a good-sized park, with 11 water slides along with a lazy river, surf lagoon and a section for young kids called Blastaway Beach.

Here are my tips to help you plan your next trip.

  1. What is the cost to get into the park? For single day admission in 2015, the price for adults (10+ ) is $57 and children (3-9) the ticket price is $52. Children under 2 years old are free. Check the website for updated information and to buy tickets online in advance.
  2. Where to eat? Wet ‘n Wild has several places to eat with lots of kid-friendly options including pizza, hamburgers, chicken fingers, and corn dogs. In between the rides, we took a break and sat down to eat. It was nice to be able to rest a bit and refuel for more fun.
  3. Wet N Wild Water Park

    Photo by Tina Seitzinger

    Can I rent lockers and towels? Yes, lockers and towels are available to rent for a nominal fee. We had a medium-sized locker and were able to fit a backpack, shoes (flip flops), and my small bag. We are a family of four and our stuff just fit. I’d suggest for larger families go with one large locker or two small lockers to comfortably fit your items.

  4. Are there lifeguards? Wet ‘n Wild is fully staffed with certified lifeguards. If you glance around the park, you will see lifeguards all around. You can feel safe!
  5. How much is parking? It is $13 for cars and vans and $17 for RVs and cars with trailers.
  6. Wet N Wilf Water Park

    Photo by Tina Seitzinger

    I have young children; will they be able to do a lot at the park? YES! There’s the Lazy River, Surf Lagoon, and Blastaway Beach, which is designed for small children.

  7. Are there life vests? For some of the rides, it’s required for children to wear life vests, which are provided for free in different sizes. However, if your child cannot swim or is on the smaller side it’s always best to bring your own. Safety first! My youngest did have to wear a life vest on one of the water rides and we just used one provided by the park. It worked great!
  8. Can we bring our own coolers? Coolers 16 quarts or smaller (dimensions of 16”x10”x15”), bottled water in sealed containers, food required for medical needs, baby food, and snacks 3oz. or smaller are permitted. No alcoholic beverages or glass containers are allowed into the park.
  9. Are there cabanas to rent? Yes! If you plan on staying there all day, it may be a good idea to look into this. It’s a great place for kids to rest, cool off, and nap if they need to. Each cabana has a fan, table with four chairs, two lounge chairs, four beach towels, a mini fridge, and big locker. You will also have your own waitress. These are nice because you can close the curtains to get changed or to have more privacy. Price to rent a cabana in 2015 is $199.

Our Favorite Rides

Wet N Wild Water Park photos courtesy of Mom It ForwardMy youngest is about 43″ tall so he’s not able to go on every water slide, but he was able to go on enough to keep him happy. Here are some of our favorites!

Disco H2O (36″ – 48″ must be with an adult): We probably went on this one about 15 times, no lie! It’s a blast!! It’s like a trip back into the 1970s with loud music, disco balls, and strobe lights. If your child has problems with loud music or strobe lights it might be best to skip. It does get dark in one area for a few seconds and you drop, but nothing too crazy. We absolutely loved this ride!

The Blast (36″ – 48″ must be with an adult): This is another fun family ride. Nothing scary about this one and no big drops. It twists and turns down the pipeline.

Aqua Drag Racer (rider must be 42″): Another one of our favorites! This is a four-lane drag race and we loved that we could all race against each other. It’s fast but over before you can blink. Super fun and we spent a lot of time on this ride.

Mach 5 (children under 48″ must wear a life vest): You can choose between three different flumes that wind and twist their way down. You lay on a mat with handles so children must be able to control their mat but my 6-year-old had no problems at all.

Have been to a water park with your kids? Share your tips in the comment section below.