Hotel in Daytona Beach

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One of the biggest challenges when visiting a new place is picking the right hotel. Here are three steps to choosing the right hotel for your vacation.

1. Consider your budget.

Once you have figured out your budget, the search becomes easier — or, at least it reduces the options. Within each budget category you will find tons of hotels to choose from. But don’t fret there are more ways to filter the search.


2. Determine location.

This alone can make your vacation a lot more enjoyable. With Daytona there was no doubt – it was oceanfront or nothing. This narrowed down my search a lot more.

3. Look at the reviews.

DisclosureTMOMHotel reviews can be very subjective, but it is also a good way to get an idea of what the hotel is about. I do this all the time as a filtering process.

Once you have done these three steps you are left with a handful of hotels. Normally I end up going for boutique hotels, they are more personal. But this time we decided on the Daytona Beach Hyatt Place Oceanfront Hotel (after a lot of consideration). If you go to Hyatt and book at this hotel, Traveling Mom will receive a referral fee.

Why Stay at the Hyatt Hotel in Daytona Beach, Florida?

My family and I hardly ever stay in big chain hotels. We think that they are too big to offer that unique, personal touch that we love with smaller Mom-and-Pop-owned hotels. Most are also sterile, missing on the really neat amenities that small hotels offer.

Daytona Hyatt - Room

Photo credit: Marina K. Villatoro / Gringa TravelingMom

But, as it happened in this case, my mind can be changed if enough factors shine bright lights for me. So here is why I decided on Daytona Hyatt Place:

1. Most of the hotels that can be found on the beach in Daytona are big chains but even the ones that aren’t are still really big.
2. Hyatt Place hotels are smaller than the average Hyatt.
3. This particular hotel was BRAND NEW. Just the idea of sleeping on mattresses that have barely been slept on was a huge factor.
4. It is located directly on the beach and offered amazing views.
5. Affordable and in our price range
6. Our room had three comfortable beds in a regular room and it didn’t compromise our space.
7. Our room had a balcony overlooking the sea – do I need to say anything more?
8. Pool and jacuzzi
9. Breakfast is included

I think it is pretty evident why I chose the hotel. After comparing it with other hotels in the area, this one had much more to offer with all the perks of a small, boutique hotel.

Daytona Hyatt - View2

Photo credit: Marina K. Villatoro / Gringa TravelingMom


Daytona is definitely not a town for walking around. You can’t get to many places if you don’t have a car. The hotel was very well located, but you will still needed a car, the good thing is that it offered free parking.
Because the majority of hotels in Daytona are tall, including our hotel, higher your room the better. It is also a good way to get rid of the noise from the streets. For us the ninth floor was perfect!

Information for Daytona Beach Hyatt

This is not a reservation only hotel walk-ins are totally welcome. But do you really want to be left without a room because you coincided with a big event like Daytona 500 or Bike Week?

Making reservations is really easy; you can do it from the website or call them.

386 944 2010

3161 South Atlantic Avenue
Daytona Beach Shores

The rates are different throughout the year and can also vary according to the amount of people in your party. But the prices are good for the amount of things they offer. Our room for two kids and two adults was $140 and it included breakfast.

Bonuses: The also have different specials, either for this hotel or for the Hyatt hotels which apply as well. So check before you book.

Marina K. Villatoro