Hollywood Wax Museum #myMyrtleBeach king kong on the building carissa rogers goodncrazy photography

Photo credit: Carissa Rogers / GoodNCrazy TravelingMom

As a final treat for my family after a happy 3 day weekend in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, we explored the Hollywood Wax Museum.

You can’t miss it because it looks like a cartoon version of skyscrapers with a huge King Kong figure climbing the side! Also because it’s located smack dab on the corner of routes 17 and 501, the two main thoroughfares of the area.

DestinationReviewMy teens were willing to give it a shot, but they had no idea what to expect. My oldest then realized: “Oh! My friends have posted pictures of their selfies at wax museums before… now I get it!


And that pretty much sums up the fun of a Wax Museum.
Ham it up and take as many selfies and photos as you possibly can.

Hollywood Wax Museum #myMyrtleBeach Ham it up with the Rogers the goodncrazy way

Photo credit: Carissa Rogers / GoodNCrazy TravelingMom

{HINT: You might want to create a collage of all the images instead of bombarding Instagram with all your selfies. As any self-respecting teen will tell you: “MOM… you only post ONE picture per day on Instagram, otherwise you’re LAME.”}

teens at hollywood wax museum myrtle beach

Photo credit: Carissa Rogers / GoodNCrazy TravelingMom

Loosen Up for Fun

Lame or not, it took effort to get my family to loosen up and just have fun with all the waxy celebrities. Hey! There’s Brangelina! But… where are all the kids? Humor and silliness are a huge part of keeping teens happy on a family vacation.

carissa rogers with Frank hollywood wax museum myrtle beach

Photo credit: Carissa Rogers / GoodNCrazy TravelingMom

A split occurs about half way through the wax museum where you can bypass the scary monsters row, my oldest and youngest opted for the bypass. The rest of us pretended to be eaten by the movie ‘Alien’ figure or chopped into pieces by the Chainsaw Massacre dude. And my absolute favorite character of all time is Frankenstein’s Monster—my girlfriends back home wouldn’t forgive me if I didn’t get a selfie with him.

Take your time in the walkways of the Wax Museum because for the price it’s not a very long exhibit. Make it a game: take votes on who’s the best lookalike, and tally up which figures are the worst for NOT looking like their human counterpart. I vote Tom Hanks. As in a really bad image, not him at all. And I vote Leo Dicaprio as the best lookalike in the whole museum! Maybe I’m biased… ?

But I also thought Samuel L. Jackson was VERY REALISTIC.Which do you think wins?

samuel L jackson leonardo dicaprio wax figures at hollywood wax museum myrtle beach

Photo credit: Carissa Rogers / GoodNCrazy TravelingMom

Other Hollywood Wax Museum Exhibits

Hannah’s Mirror Maze & Outbreak —$23.95 if you purchase all three online ($3 savings).

hannah mirror maze at myrtle beach hollywood wax museum

Photo credit: Carissa Rogers / GoodNCrazy TravelingMom

We really enjoyed Hannah’s Mirror Maze (head to the basement level of the Wax Museum), it was surprising how confused and turned around we became trying to get through that thing! The ‘mirrors’ aren’t always mirrors and you think you can walk through a space that is a glass wall! I tried to take photos inside the maze but it was just too crazy and psychedelic in there!

{Warning, make sure as parents you assure your kids the whole time that you WILL get out of the maze. It could be quite scary for a kid if they see you stressing while inside.}

Then if you or your teens are into super scary spook alley type experiences go ahead and see if you can make it through the Zombie labs in the exhibit called Outbreak. I admit it… we didn’t make it past the first room… myself, my husband and the only kid brave enough to even try it all came screaming back out after less than 2 minutes!

{SERIOUSLY. If your kids aren’t up for a scare fest, don’t buy tickets to the Outbreak portion of the museum. The figures are Wax Museum quality after all and that means really REALLY scary stuff.}

Hollywood Wax Museum Ticket Details

You have the option of buying all three admissions at once at a discount or just 1 or 2. I suggest you purchase both the Wax Museum and Hannah’s Mirror Maze. Unless you have REALLY brave kids!

When purchased online in late summer 2014, the cost of 2 exhibits was $20.95 per person. The cost for children ages 4-11 is $10.95. Under 4 are free but I wouldn’t suggest bringing young children to either the Mirror Maze or Outbreak.

Overall the family fun at the Hollywood Wax Museum was totally worth the price. It would cost just under $100 for our family of 5. And the exhibits aren’t timed so like I said plan to take your time and really enjoy hanging out with your favorite celebs for the afternoon!

Disclosure: I was given 2 press passes to the Hollywood Wax Museum by the Visit Myrtle Beach team. My opinions are my own.