FlamingosThe Nashville Zoo is a must see attraction for families visiting Music City. You can easily spend an entire day at the zoo, which is open year round, except for Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, and New Year’s Day. Here are some fun facts about the Nashville Zoo:

In June 2009, the zoo celebrated the birth of three rare clouded leopard cubs, which are part of the zoo’s conservation and SSP efforts.

Nashville Zoo’s Gibbon Island and Meerkat Habitats were voted by cable network Animal Planet as the best exhibits of their kind in the U.S. The two habitats were featured on Animal Planet’s “Ultimate Zoo” for their natural beauty and ability to immerse zoo guests into the creatures’ environment.

Thirty Caribbean flamingos are featured in a new Flamingo Lagoon exhibit at Nashville Zoo that opened in August 2010. The exhibit attracted record crowds over the Labor Day weekend holiday and features 9,500 square feet of greenery and a wading lagoon. The Flamingo Lagoon is located at the end of Bamboo Trail near the Critter Encounters petting zoo, which is always a favorite attraction for kids. We love petting and brushing the goats.


Three unique fun and educational animal shows are held daily at the zoo’s amphitheater April-October. Audience members often have the chance to interact with the staff, and animals, during the show.

The incredible Jungle Gym playground is a favorite for my kids and is the largest community-built playground in the United States. With the ability to hold several hundred children, this 66,000 sq. foot playground is definitely the most impressive playground I’ve ever encountered. It’s a great way to end your Nashville Zoo experience! I know several families with annual zoo memberships who visit the Nashville Zoo solely for the playground on occasion.