Photo credit: Carmel Mooney / Pets & Service Dog TravelingMom

In McLean, Virginia, while delivering a service dog to a family in the area, I was introduced to a delightful little fresh eatery called Sweet Leaf Community Cafe.

With three locations in the area, I am almost certain this is one local cafe that will be growing in numbers quickly — or certainly should be.

The ambiance is cafe-style and hip, even a bit trendy. I loved the fresh succulents as centerpieces on the adorable little tables.

DestinationReviewThere was a good mix of families dining, girlfriends lunching, and even a few couples and a half dozen Washington DC-area businessmen noshing. It was evident that all ages and backgrounds find something to like at Sweet Leaf. (We had already delivered the service dog, so we did not have a dog with us when we ate at Sweet Leaf, where pets are not welcome, but service dogs are, pursuant to ADA laws.) 


Photo credit: Carmel Mooney / Pets & Service Dog TravelingMom

From the moment we arrived, the aroma of fresh, made-from-scratch lentil and vegetable soup permeated the air. Ingredients lay before me as I made choices between freshly made-to-order salads, sandwiches, snacks, desserts and more.

Standard suggestions were available or one can get creative and make a unique creation choosing from typical condiments or not-so-ordinary choices like sun dried tomatoes, roasted red peppers, capers, green olives, hearts of palm, varied lettuces, berries, kale, assorted seeds, wasabi peas and other slightly less common spreads, condiments, and dressings.

Numerous bread and wrap choices served typically toasted, unless requested otherwise, gave me more yummy choices. Lots of options and where to start? I began to wonder if everyone takes this long to decide.


Photo credit: Carmel Mooney / Pets & Service Dog TravelingMom

The homemade soup was spectacular and popped with fresh flavor, like my homemade garden soups back home. Smoothies, shakes and various tea and coffee concoctions added to the never-ending options.

They even had an excellent kids’ menu for about half of an adult meal, which ranged from about $5-10. I visited for lunch but they offer some terrific breakfast options for only $4.50!

If I’m in the area again, I’ll look forward to a repeat visit. There are currently locations in Vienna and Arlington, Virginia, as well.

Disclosure: As a working member of the media, I am furnished comped media visits for many of my assignments; the views expressed here are entirely my own but ought to be yours too.