Florida Family Vacation

My family and I have a new tradition! Each year for the holidays we visit my parents in Southern Florida and also make it a full on family vacation. It’s been fun so far, but now I need some variety. To do so we decided to go to an area in Florida that we haven’t been to before. Miami, Florida was the choice for this year. It caught my eye because it offers an insane amount of things to do.

View of Miami Beach

It was quite overwhelming in the beginning. Yet totally exciting, especially finding a place for my family to stay. I discovered that there are over 200 hotels, add to that the number of vacation rentals and other options and you get an enormous task.

Don’t get me wrong. I love everything that has to do with planning a vacation, so finding the perfect accommodations in Miami ended up being a fun challenge.

I narrowed down the options when I decided that I wanted beachfront only. Another thing that helped me keep on filtering my options was that I prefer condos or apartments. It makes things so much easier when traveling with small kids.

As research went on I found a site called Wimdu and decided to explore it. They have every kind of accommodation available. What makes it unique is the fact that most of the places are privately owned.

How it works

You find what you like most. I recommend a couple of choices.

Next contact the owner to see if it’s available.

If you don’t hear back from the owner, the costumer service for Wimdu is very efficient, and they contact the owner for you.

What I Chose for Our Miami Hotel Stay

The option that caught my eye was the one where you could get a privately owned room inside of a resort. This means that you get all of the amenities from a big resort like pools, beach benches, towels, etc… without having to pay the $25 – $50 extra per day resort fees to be able to get all of the amenities.

Miami Beach

Here’s What We Got:

A spacious beachfront room with a balcony that had a beautiful view of Miami Beach in the Shelbourne Resort.

We were on the 11th floor so we had a gorgeous view of the beach. Speaking about the beach, we didn’t just have access to it, it was right there, just steps away from the building!

Family Friendly Resort

We also had the advantage of being able to spend some time at the beach using benches and umbrellas for free. We also were able to use the pool, where we spent most of our time.

About the room, it was great and cozy; it even came with beach toys and a little carriage for kids. The beds were among the best I have found in hotels.

Over all I think that the decision to visit Miami and using Wimdu to find my accommodations was a great decision, it was a great family vacation in Florida.