NASCAR Hall of FameThe NASCAR Hall of Fame in Charlotte, North Carolina enables fans with disabilities to appreciate the exhibits and take part in the hands on activities. The Hall has an accessible entrance for those with mobility devices. They provide courtesy wheelchairs, sign language interpretation and captioning on many of the videos and the main movie about the history of NASCAR.

The building is approximately 150,000 square feet made up of specific areas that cater to those who want to soak in artifacts of the sport, simulated racetracks featuring cars, memorials of drivers and others inducted into the Hall of Fame, an interactive area and more displays than you can count. Your knowledge will grow as you go through the Hall reading the signage, watching videos and learning from informative staff.

Elevators are available as you visit each floor. The Belk High Octane Theater offers front row spaces for wheelchairs and scooters and seats for family members and friends. The movie shown is fast paced and exciting. It’s the perfect way to get you ready to discover the Hall. You’ll find lots of seating in the various exhibits in case you need to rest. Presentations of uniforms, trophies, photos, and memorabilia from the days of moonshine delivery to the current era are displayed throughout the Hall.


Glory Road, which features racetracks from around the US and a display of cars invites you to walk on the surface and feel what it’s like along the 14 and 33 degrees banks. Since mobility devices can’t make that steep climb, the Alternative Banking Experience is provided. As long as you can transfer on your own or have someone to assist you, you can take part. Just alert a staff member who will open the area. Once you’re seated and comfortable, you’re off. After seeing the smiles of my husband and daughter as they walked the area, I knew I had to give this a try. As I felt the device move, I was amazed at how it seemed that I was defying gravity.

You can spend hours at the high tech interactive areas. From learning about how NASCAR cars are prepped and inspected to taking part in a pit stop challenge and qualifying for a race, each hands on activity provides exciting challenges, photo opps and fun. Choose the Kobalt Kids Zone toddler play area, Racing Simulators (not included in admission) among 50 plus interactive kiosks to get in the race. Some kiosks have accessible seating or the ability to fit your mobility device.

Located in the Hall is a Buffalo Wild Wings Restaurant and a shop that offers souvenirs, t-shirts, toys and much more. Check for special offers on admission and purchase your tickets online.

Disclosure: I received free admission to the NASCAR Hall of Fame. All opinions are my own.

Connie Roberts is a professional blogger who makes it her mission to advocate for people with medical issues. Travel with a disability is not a struggle, but an opportunity to see the world and let others see that it’s possible and a lot of fun. Tweet with her @ConnieFoggles.