pufferfishHere’s a different kind of tour for your family the next time you’re on the coast: go shrimpin’! If you’ve ever seen the movie Forrest Gump (come on, if you are over 30, you HAD to see it!), you are probably well-informed about the shrimping industry, and all the meals possible with just a couple shrimp.  Well, if you ever wanted to climb aboard a shrimp boat and see how it’s done, you can do that on the Lady Jane Shrimp Boat in Brunswick, Georgia, near St. Simons Island. 

The Lady Jane is a US Coast Guard certified vessel that can fit about four dozen passengers. You’ll enjoy the view while the crew drops the nets and starts trawling. Then, before long, the crew will pull up the catch and unveil all kinds of surprises, from sandsharks to horseshoe crabs to even a puffer fish or two!  And, of course, you’ll see some shrimp.

I took a tour as a guest of the King and Prince Resort in St. Simons Island.  While on board, I interviewed Captain Larry about the trip and got some video of our haul.  Take a look!