mary-brogan-ball The Mary Brogan Museum in Tallahassee is created for family fun, no doubt, especially when you head upstairs to the fun (learning) center.  Before going upstairs we walked through the ground floor exhibit of the Titanic: Artifacts on Exhibit.  It’s hard not to be moved by the old relics, recovered from the ocean floor.  There’s even an iceberg replica on display that you are encouraged to put your hand on so you can feel just how cold the water was the night the ship went down.  Trust me. It’s cold.  The artifacts are haunting.  Overall, the exhibit will leave you with awe. 

titanic-icebergUpstairs you’ll get to enjoy some mind games with the mind puzzles, marvelous machines and early learners exhibits.  My husband and son had a blast racing each other on the pulley seats and challenging each over the lever tug-of-war game.  Both offer lessons for those who study the game before jumping into to play.

brogan-museum This museum sponsors something called Sensational Saturdays where families can do fun things like making their own star chart as they learn about constellations, or design their own boat as you learn the science behind different kinds of boats. 

They also have Brogan Buddies, a program designed for pre-schoolers, to get them loving science early, too.


pulley-contest (Note to the reader: My family was invited by the Convention and Visitor’s Bureau to visit Tallahassee.  Some of our expenses were covered. My opinion of what we did and saw is my own and I was not compensated for the review.)