P5240018If you are looking to take a trip to a beautiful beach for a family getaway you should consider one of the beaches along scenic highway 30A. This scenic highway is stretched out all along the beached in between Panama City Beach and Destin, Florida. With one quaint beach town after another you will find plenty of fun for the whole family here.The bike trails thoughout this area are extensive and wide enough to pull your kids behind you in a bike trailer. The trail starts or ends depending on which direction you start from in Rosemary Beach, Florida.You can bike around Rosemary beach and discover all the little shops and eateries. You might even be able to catch a movie out on the green lawn in the evenings.

Next you can bike over to Seacreast Beach and let the kids run through the splash pad. On a hot day this is the best way to cool the kids down quick!

P5230003The next area you hit that is worth a stop is Aly Beach. All of the homes they are building in this brand new area are beautiful. They have a nature hike in the back of the neighborhood and they are putting walking/biking trails through the neighborhood. At the front of the neighborhood on the west end is a fantastic children’s playground. It has a zip line, slides, and toddler toys. For mom and dad there is little cafe/bookstore adjacent to the playground. You can sit on the patio there watching the kids play.

Once you leave Aly Beach to head further west it is at least a ten to fifteen minute bike ride before you hit another beach town. But if you do keep going you will hit many more beach towns like Seaside, Watercolor and Grayton Beach.  In Seaside check out all the art gallaries and if you make it all the way to Grayton Beach be sure to go eat at the Red Bar!

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