stonemtn3You’ll need a whole day to fully enjoy and explore the Stone Mountain Park just 20 minutes outside of Atlanta, Georgia. There are 12 different specific activities to do while at the park. But there are a whole bunch of other fun things you can do at the park as well. Like take a picnic, go hiking, capture amazing photos and look for wildlife!
I spent most of a day wandering around the park and while I didn’t have time to do everything on the list I was able to experience several of the Park’s offerings.

stonemtn2My favorite by FAR was the SkyHike. You have to imagine 3 stories of what looks like a climbing jungle gym. Towering WAY into the trees. They hook you up to zipline gear and connect you to the main cable of the towers. You then have 2-3 choices. You can stay on the lower level and work your way up to the 3rd story. Or you can bypass the first level and head to the 2nd level. And don’t let the fact that VERY young children are navigating the huge thing make you think you can do it easily! YOU CAN’T! It was sooo fun and surprisingly hard.

I also went on the Duck Tour that drove all around the park and of course dumped into the manmade lake (Stone Mountain Lake) boating around the actual ‘Stone Mountain’ carved granite with huge civil war personages carved into it.

(The Confederate Memorial Carving, depicts three Confederate heroes of the Civil War, President Jefferson Davis and Generals Robert E. Lee and Thomas J. “Stonewall” Jackson.)

stonemtn5There’s history for the buffs, fun for the kids, candy for… well for everyone! And a water park for when you just plain get hot!

The park is open year-round and I can’t wait to go back and see all the rest of the park with my whole family!

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