Location, location, location. The KOA Campground in Kissimee Florida is within minutes of all the Orlando area attractions, including Disney World, Universal Studios, LEGOLAND, Gatorand and SeaWorld! After a fun day at one of the areas many parks, coming home to KOA is glamping at its best. From Deluxe Patio Sites to Deluxe Cabins, KOA offers something for everyone. Take a swim in the pool or kick back in the hot tub and relax your muscles to prepare for the next day of fun and adventure.

Camping in Kissimmee Florida

The Kellogg family gets wet. Photo credit: Susie Kellogg / Unstoppable TravelingMom

The Kellogg family gets wet. Photo credit: Susie Kellogg / Unstoppable TravelingMom

For the past three years, we’ve been huge proponents of wilderness camping, boondocking and, for those rare occasions when we need more amenities, state park campgrounds.

We have turned our noses at the majority of private campgrounds mainly because they are typically way more expensive and they charge per person (gasp!), making the nightly cost for our family of 14 comparable to a hotel stay.

Even so, it is pretty hard to believe that in three years of RV traveling, we have never, not once, stayed at a KOA campground!  Everyone has heard of KOA.  I mean,  I may even say that anyone who camps has stayed at a KOA, right?


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So then, while in Orlando at Walt Disney World, we decided to test drive one.

Camping Options Near Disney

There are many options for camping at Disney World and in the general Orlando / Kissimee Florida area, including Fort Wilderness and Lake Louisa State Park, both within a 30/40 minute drive of Disney.

And there are two KOA Campgrounds close to Walt Disney World: KOA Kissimee and Orlando SW KOA.  Given its ridiculously close proximity to Walt Disney World – a mere 15  minutes from the Park – we decided to book KOA Kissimee.

At first glance, the only downfall with this campground, as opposed to the Orlando SW KOA, was that the Kissimmee Campground did not have a shuttle to and from Disney. But we planned to drive the RV to the park a few times anyway, so this really wasn’t an important factor for us.

However, I can safely say that if we did not have an RV, having a shuttle would have been a really nice perk.  Enabling us to come and go at our leisure, not having to deal with the hassles of parking and saving us the $18/day parking fee!

Amenities and More, Oh My!

koaimage (Custom)Regardless, camping at KOA Kissimmee Florida was a definite step up in the world of camping for our family … more like glamping, which is always ALWAYS a good thing, in my book.

And, while we love camping in nature, it was nice to fraternize with actual humans and take advantage of all the amenities that KOA offers.

And amenities there were!  We were immediately sold by the pool — a 23 hr pool, mind you. Now, I can’t tell you which hour the pool was closed.  I didn’t ask. And we were never turned away.

Having a pool to play in at a campground is nothing short of awesome.  I’m not sure why we never connected the dots here, but we only go to hotels that have pools, why would campgrounds be any different?  Add in a hot tub and we might just stay forever, or figure out how to get one in the RV!!  I’m pretty sure Newmar RV Corp could figure that one out as they’ve figured out every other aspect of luxury!

Kids Had a Blast

There was also a basketball court, horseshoes, bike rentals, and a fitness center all on the premises.  In addition, KOA offers discounted tickets to Disney, Universal Studios and SeaWorld.

Jumping pad at the KOA Campground in Kissimmee Florida

The kids had a blast playing on this huge “Jumping Pad.” Photo credit: Susie Kellogg / Unstoppable TravelingMom

Now call us easy to please, but the kids had a total BLAST playing on this huge “Jumping Pad.” It was like the inside of a jump house, only it wasn’t enclosed and it was about 4 times the size.

All of the kids loved it … even Grady, our 19-year-old son.  And then, there is my husband, Dan. He filmed a few of the kids playing on it during a downpour and it was hysterical, it looked like so much fun even he couldn’t resist.

The only problem with the jump pad was it wasn’t open 23 hrs like the pool.  In fact, we went to the pool and around 8 pm and wanted to go to the Jumping Pad but it was deflated.  DEFLATED!  Why??

Camping Options at KOA

After our weekend long stay at KOA, I have to admit, it wasn’t at all what I thought it would be like.

There are many different levels of camping at KOA, from tent sites to RV Deluxe Patio Sites.

Since it was our first time at KOA, we decided to go full-on luxe and stayed in a Deluxe Patio site, which has an extended slab, upgraded patio furniture, a porch swing, a Weber Grill and a brick firepit!

You can even choose to stay in a Deluxe Cabin. They sleep up to 8 and offer all the comforts of home, private showers, coffee maker, linens, full kitchens and more.

With the added perks of 24 hr laundry, a well stocked store, cable TV, and WIFI that actually worked really really well, KOA Kissimmee is a great choice for family camping close to all the areas attractions. Add in the fact that it was impeccably clean and the staff was crazy nice, I think it’s safe to say we will be repeat visitors!

Have you tried a KOA Campground? What was your experience? Share with us in the comment section below.


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