charleston sun 213Since when is travel focused on history fun for the kids? Well, with the Charleston spin on things, since when isn’t it? All kids love building forts and what boy doesn’t play soldier? Yep, Fort Sumter fits the bill for fun there. It’s where the Civil War began. You can still see the artillery in the walls of the fort that got caught in the walls instead of crashing through it. It’s definitely one of those places where you wish the walls could talk. charleston sun 199Be sure you listen to the park ranger’s talk about the Fort’s importance in US history. And definitely ask them to show you the massive rifle on display (it looks more like a cannon than a rifle) and ask about the red mark on the flag pole which shows the height the fort used to be, before the upper levels caved in during battle. The boat ride over to the fort is pretty neat, too, and if you listen carefully, you’ll hear some interesting historical tips, too.

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