Panola Mtn. State Park

A Hunger Games experience has to include archery. Panola Mtn. State Park, just east of Atlanta, offers lessons on the weekends. Photo credit: Sue Rodman / Atlanta TravelingMom

“Catching Fire,” the second Hunger Games movie was filmed on locations throughout Atlanta. On a visit to the city, you can take a movie tour of sites, but it’s more fun to actually experience the Hunger Games in Atlanta for yourself.

How to Experience the Hunger Games in Atlanta
Learn Archery: Channel your inner Katniss and learn archery at Panola Mountain State Park. Weekend classes use compound bows, which are a little easier than the standard bow Katniss uses in the movie.

Visit the Capitol: The Atlanta History Center was the actual filming location for President’s Snow’s mansion and the grand victory party. They have special Hunger Games Tours where you can see the filming locations, props. While there, have your picture taken at President Snow’s desk.


Have a Decedent Feast: The traditional old south Swan Coach House restaurant is the perfect place for a decadent lunch topped off with a special Mockingjay dessert.

Continue the Hunger Games Experience
For the die hard fan, continue to experience the Hunger Games a little south of Atlanta with your own Victory Tour aboard the SAM Shortline Excursion Train. Instead of touring Capitol Districts, tour the small rural towns of Southwest Georgia. This train excursion doesn’t end at President Snow’s house, but it does end at former President Jimmy Carter’s boyhood home in Archery, Ga.

I talked with CBS Better Mornings Atlanta about how to experience the Hunger Games in Atlanta. See the segment below to get you excited about your own adventure.

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