dinoworldkyEvery time we have driven down I-65 through Kentucky, we have seen the giant dinosaur waving from the side of the highway, telling us we had just missed Dinosaur World. I determined that one time we would not miss it and our recent visit was not a disappointment.

The highlight was the Dinosaur Walk, what felt like miles of life-sized dinosaurs. My attempts to get the 4 year olds to stop and learn something about each one were futile as they ran from dinosaur group to dinosaur group, stopping just long enough to ask me what the name of it was. They are perhaps cartoonish, as was pointed out by another reviewer, but their size and placement in a jungle-like setting are enough to inspire just the right kind of enjoyable fear in small children. My only complaint was that they didn’t make at least a few climbable.

After the dino tour, we went to the fossil dig, for which they give tickets for the kids with their entrance ticket purchase. This was a sand pit with tiny fossils like shark teeth, ammonites and such. Not real dinosaur bones, but fun nonetheless and they got to choose three to keep. The “real” dinosaur bones were nearby in The Boneyard, a large area kids can scrape and brush to unearth the buried bones.

We also picnicked at the playground (complete with dinosaur slides). There was also a giant dinosaur puzzle and a feel-and-guess area as well as a small indoor museum. Even the bathrooms were cool, clean with dinosaurs painted on all the walls.

All in all it was worth the $12.50 adult and $10.50 child admission we paid. If you look for coupons online or at local services, you can save $1 on admission and get free kids toys too. For more details check out www.dinoworld.net. They also have locations in Florida and Texas