Clue Town Books

Solving the puzzles and deciphering the clues made my son feel like Dan from the 39 Clues book series. Photo credit: Sue Rodman / Atlanta TravelingMom.

There is no better way to explore Atlanta than with a Clue Town Books Scavenger Hunt. Clue Town Books are produced by Atlanta resident Jay Carlson. Currently there are three books, Piedmont Park, Downtown Decatur, and Oakland Cemetery. More are in the works and I can’t wait to try them.

On a chilly winter day, my son, nephew and I (ages 9 and 7), braved the elements to try out the Oakland Cemetery hunt. Oakland is the oldest cemetery in Atlanta and contains a lot of local history. As you’ll learn from the hunt, “this 48-acre cemetery is the burial site of several Georgia governors, more than twenty Atlanta Mayors, and five Confederate generals. Author Margaret Mitchell and golfer Bobby Jones are buried here.”

The entire hunt took us about an hour, but we rushed as it was really cold outside. The hunt starts and ends at the front gate, where you’ll find free parking across the street. To get to each location, you have to solve a series of puzzles and decipher clues. My favorite was having to hold the paper to the light where a secret message revealed the directions to our next destination. Other clues had us find memorials and match the first, middle, and last name on the plaque with multiple choice answers. The correct answers provided our directions.

My son felt like Dan from one of his favorite book series 39 Clues as he deciphered the puzzles in the Clue Town Book. Pictures gave clues to what we were trying to find next, so even if we were unsure of our answer, the picture confirmed we were at the right place.

I can’t wait to do the other books. The scavenger hunt was such a fun way to get out and explore Atlanta, and my boys were literally running from destination to destination yelling, ‘We found it, we found it’. Clue Town Books are available in some local stores, but I’d recommend ordering it from the writer before you go at They’re only $10 and worth every penny.