charleston sat 051How often can your kids get up close and personal with a bald eagle, a falcon, hawk or owl? The Birds of Prey exhibit at the Avian Conservation Center near Charleston, South Carolina, is as close, and as cool, as it gets.  A bit off the beaten path, if you’re in the Charleston area it’s totally worth the drive to bring your family out to see these amazing birds in person. You can take a guided tour of the grounds and learn all about what makes each bird unique. You can sit in on a flight demonstration and watch as the birds soar right over your head toward their trainers, stopping on a dime. Getting to observe their natural flying habits is a really memorable experience. My 17 year old was just as enthralled as the six year old, who was just as enthralled as I was. It’s really neat that the money from the tours helps cover expenses for taking care of the birds, many of which are nursed back to health after being found wounded in the wild.

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